237.13 Contract Plan File Name Convention

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A conventional method of naming contract plan files is a necessary part of the implementation of electronic plans for MoDOT. This file naming convention is a vital part of the ProjectWise document management system.

237.13.1 Design Contract Plans

The file naming convention for all Design Contract Plans shall be as follows:

[sheet#]_[abbreviated sheet type]_[optional sheet# by sheet type]_[job#]_[scale]_[optional description].dgn

The only acceptable characters will be capital letters, numbers, or an underscore "_". An underscore "_" will be used as a separation between items

[sheet#] is a sequential 3 digit number assigned to each sheet. There are two exceptions to the 3 digit convention:
  • First, for sheets #001 through #003, all Title Sheets will begin with the number #001, Typical Section Sheets will begin with #002 and Quantity Sheets will begin with number #003.
  • Second, for sheets with multiple borders (such as in cross-section (XS) sheets), the naming convention will differ as follows: The type of sheet will be followed by the sheet numbers. The following example shows cross section sheets 011-015 followed by job #, scale, and optional description: XS_011-015_J0P0928_I5_RP1.dgn. There will be no leading numbers on these file names.
After sheet(s) #003, sequential numbering shall continue with no duplicate numbers. If a sheet (or sheets) need(s) to be inserted, a sequential letter will follow the number (004, 005, 006, 006A, 006B, 006C, 007, etc.). If more than 26 sheets are required to be inserted, the designer should consider renumbering all contract plans from the insertion point forward.
[abbreviated sheet type] is the 2 lettered abbreviation, for a particular kind of sheet (i.e., QU=Quantity Sheet, PP=Plan-Profile Sheet, etc). These abbreviations are also used in the Index of Sheets on the title sheet.
[optional sheet# by sheet type] is an optional 2 or 3 digit number, assigned by a designer, within a particular sheet type (i.e., EC_01, EC_02 would be the 1st and 2nd Erosion Control Sheets).
[job#] is the job number as assigned by the district (i.e., J0P0928).
[scale] is the scale the MicroStation border was created in for a particular drawing (i.e., I1, I100).
[optional description] is a description added by the designer to quickly identify components of a project that need to be identified (i.e., STAGE1, 54THSTREET, etc.).

Example Single Quantity Sheet

237.13 Single Quantity Sheet.gif

Example Multiple Quantity Sheet

237.13 Multiple Quantity Sheets.gif

Example with Optional Description 237.13 Example Optional sheet no. and description.gif

Example Single Cross Section Sheet 237.13 Single Cross Section Sheet.gif

Example Multiple Cross Section Sheets 237.13 Multiple Cross Section Sheets.gif

237.13.2 Bridge Contract Plans

237.13.2 bridge contract plans.jpg

The file naming convention for all Bridge Contract Plans shall be as follows:

[B]_[bridge number]_[sheet#]_[job#].dgn
[B] is the letter “B” for Bridge.
[bridge number] is the bridge number (i.e., A7005).
[sheet#] is the number of a particular sheet unique to a bridge number.
[job#] is the job number as assigned to the project (i.e., J0P0928).
[optional description] is a description of the sheet information (i.e., BARBILL, FRONTSHEET).

Example Single Bridge Sheet

237.13 Single Bridge Sheet.gif

Example Multiple Bridge Sheets

237.13 Multiple Bridge Sheets.gif

237.13.3 Example Set of Plans

001_TITLE_J0P0928_ITITLESHEET.dgn 009_SS_02_J0P0928_I20.dgn
002_TS_01_J0P0928_I5.dgn 010_EC_01_J0P0928_I50.dgn
002_TS_02_J0P0928_I5.dgn 011_EC_02_J0P0928_I50.dgn
002_TS_03_J0P0928_I5.dgn 012_EC_03_J0P0928_I50.dgn
002_TS_04-06_J0P0928_I5.dgn 013_CS_01_J0P0928_I10.dgn
003_QU_01-05_J0P0928_I1.dgn 014_CS_02_J0P0928_I10.dgn
003_QU_06_J0P0928_I1.dgn B_A6885_001_J0P0928_FRONTSHEET.dgn
003_QU_07_J0P0928_I1.dgn B_A6885_002_J0P0928 _CULVERTDETAILS.dgn
004_PP_J0P0928_I50_RTE65.dgn B_B7008_001-004_J0P0928_BARBILL.dgn
005_PP_J0P0928_I50_RTE65.dgn B_B7008_005_J0P0928_Y0798INFO.dgn
006_PP_J0P0928_I50_RTE65.dgn XS_001-005_J0P0928_I5_STAGE1.dgn
007_PP_J0P0928_I50_RTE65.dgn XS_006-010_J0P0928_I5_STAGE2.dgn
007A_PP_J0P0928_I50_RTE65.dgn XS_011-015_J0P0928_I5_RP1.dgn

237.13.4 Index of Sheets

Following is an example of the Index of Sheets on the title sheet:


TITLE SHEET---------------------------------------------------------------------1

TYPICAL SECTIONS (TS) (XX SHEETS)-------------------------------2

QUANTITIES (QU) (XX SHEETS)------------------------------------------3

PLAN-PROFILE (PP)-------------------------------------------------------XX-XX

RIGHT OF WAY (RW)------------------------------------------------------XX-XX

REFERENCE POINTS (RP)----------------------------------------------XX-XX

COORDINATE POINTS (CP)---------------------------------------------XX-XX

SPECIAL SHEETS (SS)---------------------------------------------------XX-XX

TRAFFIC CONTROL SHEETS (TC)------------------------------------XX-XX

EROSION CONTROL SHEETS (EC)----------------------------------XX-XX

LIGHTING (LT)-----------------------------------------------------------------XX-XX

SIGNALS (SG)-----------------------------------------------------------------XX-XX

SIGNING (SN)------------------------------------------------------------------XX-XX

PAVEMENT MARKING (PM)---------------------------------------------XX-XX

CULVERT SECTIONS (CS)------------------------------------------------XX-XX



CROSS SECTIONS (XS)----------------------------------------------------XX-XX