609.5 Maintenance Planning Guidelines for Repairing Paved Ditches and Slopes

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These Maintenance planning guidelines apply to minor roads.

Code: R316

Purpose To maintain drainage by the repair of broken or settled sections of paved ditches, slopes and related drain basins.

Scheduling Schedule when section cannot be repaired by mudjacking or backfilling, when temperature is above freezing.

Recommended Equipment

  • Compressor/breakers
  • Loader or backhoe
  • Backhoe mounted stinger
  • Trucks
  • Traffic control equipment, as needed.

Recommended Material

  • Ready-mix concrete

Recommended Procedure

1. Call Dig Rite and check for MoDOT utilities.

2. Place traffic control devices as needed.

3. Break settled or damaged sections, and fill and shape damaged sections with clean shotrock.

4. Pour grout mix into shotrock and shape surface.

5. Drain basins should be repaired by removing damaged sections, forming and pouring new concrete to match existing grades.

6. Remove traffic control devices.

Safety Wear all appropriate Personal Protection Equip (PPE). Refer to Safety Policies, Rules & Regulations-Employee Handbook .

Other Considerations None.

Reference Sec 609