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:Unreported Work Zone Inspections
:Unreported Work Zone Inspections
:ODOW Restrictions
:ODOW Restrictions
:Inspections ([[media:Visibility and Mobility Inspection Worksheet.pdf|Visibility and Mobility Inspection Worksheet]])
:Inspections ([http://www.modot.mo.gov/workzones/documents/WorkZoneInspectionForm.pdf Work Zone Inspection Form])
:Query & Reports
:Query & Reports

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The Work Zone User Training Manual details the procedures for utilizing web versions for the following applications:

Hourly Traffic Volume (Web Version Not Available)
Work Zones
Unreported Work Zone Inspections
ODOW Restrictions
Inspections (Work Zone Inspection Form)
Query & Reports

It is important to understand the above applications can be modified via the online application available from the TMS menu and/or the web with the exception of Hourly Traffic Volume, which can only be viewed via the TMS menu. The procedures for both are virtually the same, but with different navigational paths and screen appearances. If you have been using the client server in the past, you should see familiar procedures when reviewing the user manual. The Work Zone User Training Manual only covers the web versions.