620.6 Colored Pavements

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Support. When used for guidance or regulation of traffic, colored pavements are traffic control devices. Colored pavements also are sometimes used to supplement other traffic control devices.

Colored pavement located between crosswalk lines to emphasize the presence of the crosswalk is not considered to be a traffic control device.

Guidance. Colored pavements used as traffic control devices should be used only where they contrast significantly with adjoining paved areas.

Colors that degrade the contrast of white crosswalk lines, or that might be mistaken by road users as a traffic control application, should not be used for colored pavement located between crosswalk lines.

Standard. Colored pavements shall not be used as a traffic control device, unless the device is applicable at all times.

Colored pavements used as traffic control devices shall be limited to the following colors and applications:

A. Yellow shall be used only for flush or raised median islands separating traffic flows in opposite directions.
B. White shall be used for delineation on shoulders, and for flushed or raised channelizing islands where traffic passes on both sides in the same general direction.