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Code: R414 or R415

Brush and vines are controlled to provide clear zone for high water and airflow. This also provides safe access for repairs and visual inspections.

Brush cutting may be performed at anytime when labor and workload allow. Winter months are preferred due to lack of foliage and active growth. Brush and vine spraying is accordance with Herbicides and Roadsides.


1. Cut brush as close to ground level as safely possible.

2. Do not leave sharp pointed stumps.

3. Spray or treat all cut stumps.

4. Brush needs to be removed and disposed of properly.

5. Consult EPG 821 Herbicides and Roadsides for proper application to control brush and vines.

Safety Concerns

When trees are close to power lines, removal should be performed by the utility company or by bonded specialty contractors. Follow proper handling procedures for all herbicides.


Brush under and around structures restrict water and air flow. The restriction of stream flow in flood conditions may redirect the flow and erode structural support areas. 771.20 Cut and Spray Brush and Vines1.jpg
771.20 Cut and Spray Brush and Vines2.jpg 771.20 Cut and Spray Brush and Vines3.jpg
The trimmed brush and trees should be cut close to the ground and the trunk not cut so it has a sharpened point. The stump should be treated with an herbicide to prevent regrowth after cutting. 771.20 Cut and Spray Brush and Vines4.jpg
A clear area under and around the structure is the desired result.
771.20 Cut and Spray Brush and Vines5.jpg 771.20 Cut and Spray Brush and Vines6.jpg