821.21 Aquatic Areas

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Definition: The control of undesirable vegetation in or near water.

Why: Control of undesirables are needed for sight distance, rip-rap maintenance near water and drainage. Often these plants are located in or near water requiring an herbicide labeled for aquatic use.

Primary Sites:

Weeds and Brush Control in and around water

All bodies of water such as:

1. Lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, reservoirs

2. Lagoons, levees, seeps and sinkholes

3. Canals, drainage and irrigation ditches, strip pits

4. Wildlife Management Habitats (wetland areas)


A. Calibration

Most products applied with handgun or backpack sprayer (see EPG 821.11 for calibration of hand sprayers)

B. Recommended products and rates

Table 821.21 Recommended Products and Rates for Aquatics or Near Streams or Open Water

Herbicide Broadcast Rate Handgun Rate Comments
Aquatic broadleaf products Read the label Read the label
Aquatic Glyphosate 2 qt. per acre 1 gallon per 100 gallons Add approved surfactant.

C. P.P.E.

Follow manufacturer’s label recommendations

D. When to apply

a. Post-emergent application when undesired vegetation is actively growing above surface of water
b. Re-application throughout season if needed

Special Recommendations

A. Read the label

B. Use only approved aquatic herbicide (refer to label)