821.7 Planning and Ordering

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Definition: The preparation of records and information to schedule herbicide application. The preparation of equipment for applying herbicides. The acquisition of adequate herbicide inventory.


1. To schedule herbicide application to maximize its effectiveness

2. To provide adequate inventory

3. To have appropriate equipment prepared


A. How

1. Identify the target
2. Identify the obstacles
a. Water
b. Human populations
c. Agricultural crops
d. Livestock and pets
e. Endangered species
f. Desirable species
g. Traffic concerns
h. Accessibility
3. Choose the best method of control
4. Determine the product and quantity needed
a. Review previous results
b. Survey current or anticipated needs
c. Remember, order only what you will need
5. Verify inventory on hand
6. Order balance needed

B. When

1. Determine needs at the end of target’s natural season
2. Take inventory at the end of application season
3. Prepare order in time for fall bidding
4. Place order in time for delivery before new season starts

Special Recommendations:

1. Read the label

2. Choose the herbicide that is best for the target

3. Keep inventory as fresh as possible - FIFO