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Protecting yourself, co-workers and the public is a must.


Labels - Information communicated to the user by the manufacturer.

MSDS - The material safety data sheet (MSDS) lists:

1. Exposure risks
2. Medical treatments
3. Minimum PPE requirements
4. Other pertinent information
Additional Information
MSDS Online
MSDS Online User Guide
MSDS Chemicals


1. Labels are located on all containers

2. MSDS are available from manufacturer, the internet, or the 800 number located on the label. They must accompany the product while in storage, being transported or being applied.

Why: Labels and MSDS are the best source of information to protect yourself, co-workers, and the public.

What Labels and MSDS tell:


Brand name
Ingredient statement
Registration numbers
Net contents
Type of pesticide
Precautionary Statement – DANGER, WARNING or CAUTION
Directions for use

MSDS adds:

Exposure risk
Medical treatments
Minimum PPE requirements
Other pertinent information
Label Information
Refer to Crop Data Management System's website for label information

Special Recommendations:

A. Read the label

B. MSDS should be replaced annually to ensure the current copy is on file.

C. Labels shall remain attached to the container.