822.2 Vegetation Management for Minor Roads

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Minor Roads

The height of minor road vegetation should be maintained between 6 in. and 18 inches. Mowing should begin when 50 percent of the vegetation reaches 18 inches in height.

Vegetation may be maintained by using PGRs or by mowing. The area for vegetation control is 6 ft. to 15 ft. unless physically obstructed. This is intended to be one pass with the type of equipment used.

A final mowing may be done if the slopes are 1V:3H (3 to 1) or flatter. It should not begin until the chance of significant regrowth is minimal. The final mowing area may extend up to 30 ft. from the edge of the pavement each odd numbered year. The final mowing area may extend up to 15 ft. each even numbered year.

Areas within 30 ft. of the roadway with heavy brush should be treated with selective herbicides to control brush.

Slopes steeper than 1V:#H (3 to 1) and areas not requiring mowing should be planted to wildflowers and native grasses, encouraged to naturalize or landscaped.

Final Mowing Distance on Minor Routes
Odd numbered year (2011, 2013, etc.) Mow up to 30’
Even numbered year (2012, 2014, etc) Mow up to 15’