901.4 State Participation in Continuous Freeway Lighting by a Local Political Subdivision

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When continuous lighting, including basic lighting of the ramp terminals at the crossroad, is provided and one or more of the following warrants are satisfied, the state will assume the applicable federal aid ratio of the installation costs. The local political subdivision will assume the remainder of the installation cost and all costs of operation and maintenance.

901.4.1 Case A Warrant

Where, for a length of 2 miles or more, the freeway passes through a suburban or urban area in which one or more of the following conditions exist: (a) Local traffic operates on a reasonably complete street grid having some form of street light, parts of which are visible from the freeway; (b) The freeway passes through a series of developments such as residential, commercial, industrial and civic area, colleges, parks, terminals, etc., which include roads, streets, parking areas, yards, etc., that are lighted; (c) Separated cross-streets, both with and without connecting ramps occur with an average spacing of 0.5 mile or less, some of which are lighted as part of the local street system; (d) The freeway cross-section elements are substantially reduced below desirable standards.

901.4.2 Case B Warrant

Three or more successive interchanges have an average spacing of 1.5 miles or less, and adjacent areas outside the right of way are substantially urban in character.

901.4.3 Case C Warrant

In and near cities where the construction year AADT is 30,000 or more.