903.20 Signing for Bicycle Facilities

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903.20.1 Application and Placement of Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.01)

Standard. Bicycle signs shall be standard in shape, legend and color.

All signs shall be retroreflectorized for use on bikeways and bicycle lane facilities. Where signs serve both bicyclists and other road users, vertical mounting height and lateral placement shall be as provided in EPG 903.3.3 and EPG 903.4.4.

903.20.2 Design of Bicycle Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.02)

Standard. If the sign or plaque applies to motorists and bicyclists, then the size shall be as shown for conventional roads in Tables 903.5.3, 903.6.4, or 903.7.4.

Option. Larger size signs and plaques may be used on bicycle facilities when appropriate.

Guidance. Except for size, the design of signs and plaques for bicycle facilities should be identical to that provided in the EPG for signs and plaques for streets and highways.

Support. Uniformity in design of bicycle signs and plaques includes shape, color, symbols, arrows, wording, lettering and illumination or retroreflectorization.

Table 903.20.2 Bicycle Facility Sign and Plaque Sizes

Sign or Plaque Sign Designation EPG Article Roadway (in. x in.)
Bike Lane R3-17 903.20.3 30 X 24
Bike Lane Ahead (plaque) R3-17aP 903.20.3 30 X 12
Bike Lane Ends (plaque) R3-17bP 903.20.3 30 X 12
Begin Right Turn Lane Yield to Bikes R4-4 903.20.4 36 X 30
Bicycle Warning W11-1 903.20.10 36 X 36
Bicycle Crossing (plaque) W11-1P 903.20.10 24 X 18
Share the Road (plaque) W16-1P 903.20.11 24 X 30
Bike Route D11-1 903.20.12 24 X 18
US Bicycle Route M1-9 903.20.13 18 X 24
Bicycle Route Arrow Signs M7-1 903.20.14 12 X 9
1. Larger signs may be used when appropriate
2. Dimensions are shown as width x height

903.20.3 Bike Lane Signs and Plaques (R3-17, R3-17aP, R3-17bP) (MUTCD Section 9B.04)


Standard. The BIKE LANE (R3-17) sign and the R3-17aP and R3-17bP plaques shall be used only in conjunction with marked bicycle.

Guidance. If used, Bike Lane signs and plaques should be used at the beginning and end of a designated bicycle lane.

903.20.4 BEGIN RIGHT TURN LANE YIELD TO BIKES Sign (R4-4) (MUTCD Section 9B.05)


Option. Where motor vehicles entering an exclusive right-turn lane must weave across bicycle traffic in bicycle lanes, the BEGIN RIGHT TURN LANE YIELD TO BIKES (R4-4) sign may be used to inform both the motorist and the bicyclist of this weaving maneuver.

Guidance. The R4-4 sign should not be used when bicyclists need to move left because of a right-turn lane drop situation.

903.20.5 NO MOTOR VEHICLES Sign (R5-3) (MUTCD Section 9B.08)

Support. Refer to EPG 903.5.22 for information on NO MOTOR VEHICLES (R5-3) signs.

903.20.6 Selective Exclusion Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.09)

Option. Selective Exclusion signs may be installed at the entrance to a roadway to notify road users that designated types of traffic are excluded from using the roadway.

Standard. If used, Selective Exclusion signs shall clearly indicate the type of traffic that is excluded.

Support. Refer to EPG 903.5.22 for more information on Selective Exclusion Signs.

903.20.7 No Parking Bike Lane Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.10)

Standard. If the installation of signs is necessary to restrict parking, standing, or stopping in a bicycle lane, appropriate signs as described in EPG 903.5.26 shall be installed.

903.20.8 Bicycle Regulatory Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.11)

Support. Refer to EPG 903.5.30 for information on traffic signal signs.

903.20.9 Other Regulatory Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.14)

Option. Other regulatory signs described in EPG 903.5 may be installed on bicycle facilities as appropriate.

903.20.10 Bicycle Warning Sign (W11-1 and W11-1P) (MUTCD Section 9B.18)


Support. The Bicycle Warning (W11-1) sign alerts the road user to unexpected entries into the roadway by bicyclists, and other crossing activities that might cause conflicts. These conflicts might be relatively confined, or might occur randomly over a segment of roadway.

Option. A BIKE X-ING (W11-1P) supplemental plaque may be mounted below the W11-1 sign.

A supplemental plaque with the legend AHEAD or XX FEET may be used with the Bicycle Warning sign.

Guidance. If used in advance of a specific crossing point, the Bicycle Warning sign should be placed at a distance in advance of the crossing location that conforms with the guidance given in Table 903.6.6.

Standard. Bicycle Warning signs, when used at the location of the crossing, shall be supplemented with a diagonal downward pointing arrow (W16-7P) plaque to show the location of the crossing.

903.20.11 Other Bicycle Warning Signs (MUTCD Section 9B.19)


Option. In situations where there is a need to warn motorists to watch for bicyclists traveling along the highway, the SHARE THE ROAD (W16-1P) plaque may be used in conjunction with the W11-1 sign.

Guidance. Where temporary traffic control zones are present on bikeways, appropriate signs from EPG 616 should be used.

Option. Other warning signs described in EPG 903.6 may be installed on bicycle facilities as appropriate.

903.20.12 Bicycle Guide Sign (D11-1) (MUTCD Section 9B.20)


Option. Bike Route Guide (D11-1) signs may be provided along designated bicycle routes to inform bicyclists of a bicycle route and to confirm a bicycle route.

If used, Bike Route Guide signs may be repeated at regular intervals so that bicyclists entering from side streets will have an opportunity to know that they are on a bicycle route.

903.20.13 U.S. Bicycle Route Signs (M1-9) (MUTCD Section 9B.21)

Guidance. U.S. Bicycle routes should establish a continuous routing.

Where a designated U.S. Bicycle route extends through two or more States, a coordinated submittal by the affected States for an assignment of a U.S. Bicycle Route number designation should be sent to AASHTO.

Standard. The U.S. Bicycle Route (M1-9) sign shall contain the route designation as assigned by AASHTO and shall have a black legend and border with a retroreflectorized white background.

Guidance. If used, the U.S. Bicycle Route signs should be placed at intervals frequent enough to keep bicyclists informed of changes in route direction and to remind motorists of the presence of bicyclists.

Option. The Bicycle Route Guide (D11-1) sign may be installed where no unique designation of routes is desired.

903.20.14 Bicycle Route Arrow Sign (M7-1) (MUTCD Section 9B.22)


Option. Directional Arrow (M7-1) signs may be used in conjunction with Bike Route Guide signs or U.S. Bicycle Route signs as needed.

Guidance. If used, Directional Arrow (M7-1) signs should be mounted below the appropriate Bike Route Guide sign or U.S. Bicycle Route sign.

All Directional Arrow (M7-1) signs should match the color combination of the route sign that they supplement.