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To comment on or question the interpretation or accuracy of these articles, please contact any of the following individuals. General areas of expertise are indicated but any individual can guide you to a more appropriate source, if needed.

Name, Contact Information and Areas of Expertise

Name and Contact Information Area(s) of Expertise
David Ahlvers
State Construction and Materials Engineer General
(573) 751-7455, (573) 526-5636(FAX),
Randy Hitt
Assistant State Construction & Materials Engineer Central Engineering & Testing Field Office, Bituminous Mixtures, Aggregates, Pavement, Bridge Structures
(573) 751-1037, (573) 526-4354(FAX),
Denis Glascock
Technical Support Engineer General, Automation, Prestress-Precast Design Deviations, Project Summaries, Document Updates, Adobe
(573) 751-6735, (573) 526-5636(FAX),
Mike Fritz
Geotechnical Director Soils and Geology, Soil Surveys, Bridge Soundings, Slides
(573) 526-4346, (573) 526-4345(FAX),
Todd Bennett
Chemical Laboratory Director Chemical Lab, Asphalt, Cement, Sign Materials, Test Methods
(573) 751-1045,(573) 526-4361(FAX),
Will Stalcup
Physical Laboratory Director Physical Lab, Aggregates, General Materials, Test Methods, Test Reports
(573) 751-1036, (573) 751-8682,(FAX),
Jeff Huffman
Intermediate Materials Specialist Technician Certification
(573) 522-2742, (573) 751-8682(FAX),