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This article establishes procedures for the inspection and acceptance of aggregate for base material specified in Sec 1007.

1007.1 Procedure

Inspection, testing and sampling will be governed by the instructions contained in 1101 Maintenance Materials.

Field tests required are as follows:

Table 1007

Test Template Template Description
Sieve Analysis T27 Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregate
Percent Deleterious SAA001Fx* NEWEST Deleterious 1007 Aggregate
Plasticity Index SAA008Ax* NEWEST Aggregate Plasticity Index
* Test Template numbers have been depicted with a generic ‘x’ as some templates are updated and the last letter in the template name may change. The most current template for a template sequence should contain ‘NEWEST’ at the beginning of the template name.

Samples required for Laboratory tests are as follows:

(a) Initial Evaluation.

1007.2 Acceptance

Acceptance is based on routine tests in the field to ensure compliance with Sec 1007. Samples are to be taken at destination or at the source of aggregate production by MoDOT inspectors at intervals of one per 1,500 tons.

1007.3 Records and Reports

All plant records shown in 1002.6 Records and Reports shall be maintained. A sample record of aggregate inspection shall be created in SiteManager.