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This article establishes procedures for sampling red tinting material for use in [[:Category:502 Portland Cement Concrete Base and Pavement|Portland cement concrete]].  It provides the material inspection guidelines for [http://www.modot.mo.gov/business/standards_and_specs/Sec1056.pdf Sec 1056].  
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|'''This article has moved'''
|EPG 1056 has moved to [[:Category:1056 Concrete Tinting and Staining Material|EPG 1056 Concrete Tinting and Staining Material]].  The text did not change, but the title was updated to match Sec 1056's title.
[[Category:1056 Concrete Tinting and Staining Material]]
:(a) Appropriate sampling thief.
:(b) One-half in. [12 mm] sample splitter.
Care shall be exercised in obtaining the sample because the material is subject to segregation. At least three bags should be selected and a sample obtained from each bag by use of an appropriate sampling thief. The sample shall be reduced to approximately one quart (1 liter) by use of a one in. (25 mm) sample splitter, taking care to eliminate loss of tinting compound during the splitting procedure. The sample shall be submitted to the Laboratory in a one quart (1 liter) friction top can accompanied by a properly completed Form T-617 showing the manufacturer's name, the brand name and designation of the material, lot number and net quantity represented.

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This article has moved
EPG 1056 has moved to EPG 1056 Concrete Tinting and Staining Material. The text did not change, but the title was updated to match Sec 1056's title.