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This article establishes procedures for inspecting, sampling and reporting joint material for structures. Refer to Sec 1073 for MoDOT’s specifications.

1073.1 Apparatus

(a) Rule with suitable graduations to accurately measure the material to be inspected.

1073.2 Procedure

1073.2.1 Pre-Acceptance Lists

Manufacturer and Brand Names of preformed compression seal and strip seal will be placed on the Pre-Acceptance Lists maintained by the Central Office in accordance with Sec 106.

1073.2.2 Manufacturer and Brand Name Approval

If a manufacturer desires to have material added to the Pre-Acceptance List of joint material for structures, a certification and guarantee must be submitted to Construction and Materials in accordance with the requirements of Sec 1073. The certification and guarantee shall be accompanied by a sample of the seal or polystyrene material and a one-pint (0.5 L) sample of the adhesive for laboratory testing. Upon approval of the material, it will be placed on the applicable list.

1073.2.3 Basis of Acceptance

Material is accepted by the PAL criteria as indicated in Pre-Acceptance Lists. Construction and Materials will retain the original certification and guarantee. Additional certification is not necessary if the manufacturer and brand of material is clearly identified on the packaging or the documentation included with the shipment. Alternately, material may be accepted on the basis of pre-qualified brand name and certification provided to the inspector at destination. This alternative will be allowed until this section is fully integrated into the Pre-Acceptance List program as designated by Construction and Materials.

1073.2.4 Sampling

Each producer will be assigned to a district office for Facility Review, Sampling and Testing in accordance with Pre-Acceptance Lists. During the visit, samples of material available at the facility should be obtained. Materials selected for sampling will typically be those that have been used in MoDOT work during the past month. Material originating at locations too far from the assigned district’s office is subject to sampling at an intermediate location or at the jobsite. It is the assigned district’s responsibility to coordinate with the supplier and other districts to assure the proper materials are sampled.

1073.2.4.1 Preformed Compression Seal

A minimum of one sample shall be obtained from two separate lots of the material. Each sample shall be not less than 8 ft. (2.4 m) long. Additional samples from the same or different lots may be taken as necessary. Samples should be submitted to the Laboratory for testing.

1073.2.4.2 Strip Seal

At least one sample shall be obtained from two separate lots of the material. Each sample shall be not less than 9 ft. (2.7 m) long. Additional samples from the same or different lots may be taken as necessary. Samples should be submitted to the Laboratory for testing.

1073.3 Report (Records)

The sample shall be recorded using SiteManager showing the manufacturer’s name, the brand name (as applicable), lot number, net quantity represented and the location where the sample was obtained using the Sampled From and Sample Origin fields of SiteManager. If the material is sampled after having a PAL ID assigned to it, the “Link To” field should be used to link the two sample records in SiteManager. The Laboratory will report test results on random samples of material.

For material shipped directly to the jobsite by a supplier, the supplier shall notify Construction and Materials prior to shipment using with Form 3. When complete and correct information on the shipment is provided to Construction and Materials, a PAL ID number will be assigned to the material. That number shall accompany the material in shipment and be immediately available until the material is consumed.

Material purchased for maintenance work may be accepted and recorded using either the standard PAL process as outlined in the above paragraph or solely on the basis of the manufacturer and brand being on the Pre-Acceptance List. District Materials may report the receipt and acceptance of the material in SiteManager and will mark the containers with the sample ID number they assign.

1073.4 Qualified Lists

1073.4.1 Qualified Preformed Compression Seals (1073JMPRCS)

No manufacturers are currently qualified.

To become qualified, submit the required information in accordance with Sec 1073.5, a completed new product evaluation request form (Form 1) and the required sample to the Laboratory, 1617 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 65109.

1073.4.2 Qualified Strip Seals (1073JMSS)

Table 1073.4.2 Qualified Strip Seals (1073JMSS)

Product Manufacturer
RJ SERIES Strip Seal R. J. Watson, Inc.
78 John Glenn Drive
East Amherst, NY 14051
Steelflex Strip Seal D. S. Brown Company
300 E. Cherry Street
North Baltimore, OH 45872
Wabo-Maurer Strip Seal Watson-Bowman & Acme Corp.
95 Pineview Drive
Amherst, NY 14228

1073.4.3 Qualified Expanded or Extruded Polystyrene Material (1073JMEXPM)

Table Qualified Expanded or Extruded Polystyrene Material (1073JMEXPM)

Product Manufacturer
Foamular 600 (6/04) Construction Anchors
13900 E. 350 Hwy
Kansas City, MO 64138