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Sec 108.5 places responsibility on the contractor to furnish adequate forces for meeting specified project schedules as well as quality requirements. The resident engineer should bring unsatisfactory progress to the contractor's attention in writing. Send copies of such letters to the district engineer and Construction & Materials. If the contractor fails to respond in keeping with the intent of this article, the matter must be brought immediately to the attention of the district office.

Support all time assessments by adequate diary entries. If a project goes into overtime, the diary should indicate whether each day would have been assessed if it were not in overtime. Review of project history must often rely heavily on diary information. On calendar day and calendar date projects, the diary entry should indicate whether the day would be charged as a working day. This is particularly important for days when the contractor does not work.

This article also discusses important project dates and extensions or adjustments of time for when a project’s progress is adversely affected by items beyond a contractor’s control. Construction inspection guidelines for the project office are also available.