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MGS Information
Current General Services Specifications (MGS) By Subject

This article establishes the procedures for inspecting, sampling and reporting maintainer and loader blades. The material specification requirements are set forth in a bid request issued by MoDOT.

1108.1 Apparatus

a) Rule with suitable graduations to accurately measure the material to be inspected.

b) Balance or scale accurate to within 0.5 percent of the weight (mass) of the sample to be weighed.

1108.2 Procedure

Upon award of the contract for furnishing maintainer and loader blades, the Division Engineer, Construction and Materials, will determine the number and types of samples required for testing in the Laboratory. This determination will be made considering all blades on a statewide basis. The district(s) responsible for sampling will be notified by letter with a copy to all districts which are to receive blades.

1108.2.1 Inspection

All blades shall be inspected in each district for marking, workmanship, dimensions, punchings, warp, and weight (mass) per linear foot (meter) for compliance with the specifications.

To determine the weight (mass) per linear foot (meter), the inspector shall weigh not less than ten nor more than twenty blades of the same type and size. The blades may be weighed one at a time, but the results shall be added and averaged before comparing with the specifications to determine compliance. If the total number of blades in a shipment is less than ten, all of the blades shall be weighed with the results added and averaged.

1108.2.2 Sampling

The inspector in the district(s) responsible for sampling shall obtain the requested number of samples and submit these samples to the Laboratory as directed in EPG Submission of Laboratory Samples.

Upon completion of tests performed in the Laboratory, the test blades will be returned to the district.

If the blades tested in the Laboratory fail to meet any of the specified requirements, resamples shall be obtained as directed by the Division Engineer, Construction and Materials.

1108.3 Report

If field inspection and Laboratory testing shows noncompliance with specification requirements, the SiteManager (SM) record shall be completed indicating that the material is rejected and the reasons for rejection shall be listed in the report.

If field inspection and Laboratory testing shows compliance with specification requirements the SM record shall be completed indicating that the material is accepted. The record should include the statements that a satisfactory manufacturer's certification is on file and field inspection was satisfactory.

1108.4 Laboratory Testing Guidelines

This article establishes procedures for Laboratory testing and reporting samples of maintainer and loader blades. The material specification requirements are set forth in the bid request issued by MoDOT.

1108.4.1 Procedure

Tests consist of examination of punchings and dimensions, distortion, weight (mass), hardness and chemical analysis.

Punchings and dimensions, distortion and weight (mass) shall comply with the requirements specified in the bid request.

Brinell hardness tests shall comply with the requirements specified in the bid request and shall be conducted in accordance with AASHTO T70.

Comply with the requirements specified in the bid request. Tests shall be performed according to ASTM E30-68 exclusive of any later revisions hereto using the following methods:

Carbon: Direct Combustion Method
Manganese: EPG TM-57, Determination of Manganese and/or Copper in Steel
Phosphorus: Alkalimetric Method
Sulfur: Evolution Method
Silicon: Sulfuric Acid Method

Original chemical test data and calculations shall be recorded in Laboratory workbooks. Physical and chemical test results shall be recorded through SM.

Manufacturer's certification, as required in the bid request for maintainer and loader blades, shall be checked for specification compliance.

1108.4.2 Sample Record

The sample record shall be completed in SM, as described in Sample Record General Information Bulldozer.jpg, and shall indicate acceptanceor rejection based on district reported results and laboratory determined results. Final acceptance is determined by the district, based on lab tests and physical inspection. Rejection may be by lab or district, depending on where the non-conformance is. Appropriate remarks, as described in EPG 106.20 Reporting, are to be included in the remarks to clarify conditions of acceptance or rejection. Test results shall be reported on the appropriate templates under the Tests tab.