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Missouri has more transportation needs than money to address them. MoDOT works with planning partners to select the most critical transportation projects and focuses on the state’s highest-priority transportation needs. MoDOT effectively uses planning and decision-making to ensure Missouri’s limited transportation dollars are spent responsibly. MoDOT’s planning process is more open than ever before. Even though the overall steps in the planning process have not changed, the opportunities for public involvement at the local level have grown. The process now identifies where individual decisions are made and how local officials and citizens can most easily affect these decisions.

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Once a need has been adequately scoped and a project is developed to address it, there must be a way to determine how that project compares to other projects. Statewide consistency and regional representation are both very important to the prioritization process.

The planning framework relies on the right people being involved in making decisions and recognizes that transportation planning decisions can involve both objective and subjective criteria. Local officials, with input from their constituents, can also determine what is appropriate for their communities.

MoDOT’s transportation planning process is often referred to as the Planning Framework and culminates in the production of the STIP that is MoDOT’s commitment to a 5-year construction program. The transportation planning process has quality assurances and quality control.