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Information Available (for Interal MoDOT users) at CADD Services Support
Construction Descartes
Drainage Applications Electronic Plans
GIS Applications MicroStation
Other Applications PC Applications
ProjectWise Survey

GEOPAK and MICROSTATION Drawing Standards (for external MoDOT users)

The CADD Services Section works to provide direction, development, quality assurance, training, and support for MoDOT engineering and CADD applications. CADD Services makes MoDOT more efficient in project design and development so needed projects of great value to the traveling public are provided quickly.

The following paragraphs describe some of the CADD software used by MoDOT and supported through the CADD Support Section.


MicroStation CADD Standards

MicroStation is MoDOT's CADD Platform. It is used by 47 of the 50 state DOTs. By itself it can be used for drafting to create project plan sheets but it also serves as the basis for many engineering applications such as GEOPAK Civil Suite. Skilled technicians are needed to fully utilize MicroStation’s capabilities.


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GEOPAK Suite is a family of civil design and engineering applications that runs within MicroStation. MoDOT uses GEOPAK as its foundation for project design and plan sheet generation. GEOPAK supports simultaneous multi-user access so project teams can develop comprehensive, highly accurate data models that evolve from concept through construction. GEOPAK also provides sophisticated capabilities such as: digital terrain modeling, coordinate geometry, horizontal and vertical alignments, existing ground cross sections and profiles, superelevation, proposed cross sections, earthwork, automated quantities, plan-production and labeling tools, plan/profile sheet production, full reporting and 3D models.


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ProjectWise is a CADD document management and collaboration system that is used with MicroStation and GEOPAK but can manage any project document. It allows for collaboration between local users and distant partners as well as providing security and version control. Although ProjectWise promises many improvements in project collaboration, the most important benefit to MoDOT is the ability to sign and seal electronic plans. This capability is the final piece that completes the full electronic workflow for project plans.

Roadway Drainage Design Applications

MoDOT design personnel have a number of hydraulic applications available to use for project design. These include: PondPack, CulvertMaster, HEC-RAS, and GEOPAK Drainage.


The CADD Support survey staff provides guidance, training, and support for MoDOT's survey operations as well as Professional Land Surveyor policy issues.


ArcGIS is a suite of geospatial applications used to build maps and reports as well as performing analysis on transportation related data. GIS allows MoDOT users to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in ways simply not possible in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet. GIS provides another tool to help MoDOT staff make informed decisions.