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Design - Build is a contractor procurement and project delivery method that combines both the design and construction phase into one contract, thus allowing these phases to proceed concurrently, while saving both time and resources. Design - Build is a particularly effective tool for typically complex projects that call for innovation and speed of completion. It has been used in building construction for a number of years, however it is a relatively new approach being used in the transportation industry.

Design - Build contracts typically are for larger amounts of money and companies have to have the ability to bond that amount. In the case of I-64, we have asked the Design - Build teams to have bonding capacity of more than $400 million. The teams who have been short-listed on I- 64 include national Design-Build companies and prime contractor and design firms from St. Louis. All of these companies make up the prime contracting team. These first pilot Design - Build projects will give Missouri companies experience in Design-Build for future projects.

Selecting a contractor

Selection is done by evaluating the contractor’s proposals and determining which one gives the best value. Cost is a factor in the selection. Cost and the technical merits of their proposal are weighed together to make the best value selection. Details are provided to the contractor teams up front on how the areas of their proposal will be weighted in the selection process.

Hiring of subcontractors

The prime contractor will hire many subcontractors and will have established DBE goals to achieve. We anticipate the subcontractors will be predominantly local companies. It’s no different than subcontracting through the design-bid-build delivery method.

Quality Assurance of the contractor’s work

The Design - Build contractor will have to follow all AASHTO manuals and approved state specifications in accordance with the law. MoDOT will conduct quality audits of their quality control/quality assurance system. MoDOT will have a relatively small team prepared to work directly with the Design-Build contractor.

Fixed Cost and Profits

Design - Build projects have a set budget and the contractor’s proposal can’t go over that amount. Design - Build is a lump sum contract. If the contractor is able to build the project for less than their bid, the contractor keeps the savings.

Design-Build Nationwide

More than 10 states are using Design - Build as a delivery method for highway construction projects. The highest profile projects have been in Utah, Colorado and South Carolina.

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