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MoDOT Management System (MMS) is a web-based software from which Maintenance staff can assign and document work, record or approve fleet usage calculations, look up information on a wide variety of assets, and access data from multiple data tables at MoDOT. MMS consolidates multiple programs into one easy-to-use, tailor-made single platform, making retrieving data far more efficient and improving decision-making capabilities. In the past, some of the data needed for documenting maintenance work had to be manually entered from handwritten notes. MMS reduces duplication of efforts by cross-posting information to appropriate reports and records where data may be automatically retrieved. It also brings greater consistency for processes and documentation by allowing greater detail in data gathering. Ultimately, MMS benefits nearly 2,800 Maintenance and Traffic workers, as well as the state and traveling public because better data translates into better decisions, more efficiency, dollars saved, and more work accomplished in shorter time.

MMS was designed as a web-based program for capturing and reporting data related to all maintenance activities, including winter operation activities, materials, equipment, and labor associated to specific routes. Additional goals of the software include:

  • Providing an ability to show the value of the operating budget,
  • Improving means of planning work by providing visual representation of specific employees doing specific tasks,
  • Consolidating the reporting of all Maintenance-related activities,
  • Integration of multiple data sources such as fleet, inventory, financial, time reporting, etc. to improve accuracy and timeliness of data, and
  • Creating a web-responsive enterprise system that can be used on mobile or desktop devices in a graphic rich environment that provides dashboard reports with maps, graphs and charts to give users a visual of desired data and trends.

MMS Phase 1 was initially deployed to pilot buildings in November 2019, and full implementation by mid-March 2020. Work Plans and Budget were part of the Phase 2 project started in November 2019, with full implementation in June 2021. In April 2022, the first of three new Safety Module Phases was implemented and will be expanded to include some new Safety Management (SM) requirements. SM will be in three phases: Dashboards of existing data, data entry and reporting within MMS, and integration of safety data into Assigning Work and document management. This will move MMS towards truly becoming a MoDOT Management System as all employees will begin using MMS for their safety information and to report an incident. The layout of our current Safety page will change as we implement this new module. Extracting and utilizing the data comes with little effort with the tools available within MMS. MMS software utilizes .NET coding to access multiple Oracle-based tables of data. This new system greatly advances process uniformity which, in turn, contributes to more accurate data.