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<categorytree mode=all>237 Contract Plans</categorytree>
<categorytree mode=all>237 Contract Plans</categorytree>
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<categorytree mode=all>238 Surveying Activities</categorytree>
===Construction Inspection Guidelines for Grading and Removal===
'''General Preparation and Requirements.''' This article not only serves to help personnel assigned to grading and removals but, after reviewing the multitude of their duties and responsibilities, will emphasize the importance of their contribution to the quality of the finished product. This article is a guide to uniform administration, inspection and testing procedures on grading and removal work.
'''Inspector Preparation.'''  It is essential that the inspector have a thorough knowledge of Standard Specifications, special provisions and plans.  The inspector should study all available information regarding the various types of soil.  The inspector must be able to relate each soil type to the standards as it is being placed in the embankment.
'''Daily Documentation.'''  The compaction inspector must keep a diary. The inspector should record weather conditions, condition of material being moved, all activities of the contractor forces, an estimate of quantities completed, any special instructions given the contractor and any other information about the earthwork phase of the work each day. The person making the entry must sign all diary entries.
'''[[:Category:616 Temporary Traffic Control#616.1 Preparation of Traffic Control Plan (TCP)|Traffic Control Plan]]'''.  Enforcement of specific safety measures includes requiring that work be properly barricaded and/or signed in accordance with the Traffic Control Plan included in the contract.  The plan requires that signs be kept clean, legible, in alignment and in good repair.

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