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Field laboratories are required on jobs as stated in Standard Specification Section 601. Type 1 (having a minimum 120 ft.2 floor space) and Type 3 Field Laboratories (having a minimum 200 ft.2 floor space and a locked storage area for nuclear equipment) are specified at no direct pay. For grading projects requiring a Type 2 Field Laboratory (see Sec 601.4 for a description), the designer is to consult the district construction and materials personnel on the core team to determine whether it is necessary to include a pay item for the laboratory. There may be cases that the project is in close proximity to a Resident Engineer's office so the Type 2 Field Laboratory can be eliminated from the project. Also, a project might be in close proximity to another project in progress where the laboratory can be shared with both projects.

Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 601

Type 1 Field Laboratory (for Sec 601.3) The Type 1 Field Laboratory is mainly required at aggregate producing sources. It is the smallest laboratory and has the fewest requirements. There is no direct payment for the Type 1 Field Laboratory.


Type 2 Field Laboratory (for Sec 601.4) The Type 2 Field Laboratory is used either as a compaction shack on an active construction project or as the inspector's laboratory at a PCCP concrete plant. When the Type 2 laboratory is used at a PCCP plant it is to be oriented so that the inspector can view plant operations through the window. There is direct payment for this laboratory to offset the contractor's mobilization costs.

Type 3 Field Laboratory (for Sec 601.5) This laboratory is required at asphalt plants. The contractor must provide equipment required by the specifications governing the type of bituminous mix that is being produced. For example, if the plant is producing Plant Mix Bituminous Pavement, the equipment required by Sec 401 must be provided. If the plant is producing Superpave, the equipment required for Sec 403 must be provided. There is no direct payment for the Type 3 Field Laboratory.