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Two types of inlet grates are shown in the standard plans. The curved vane grate (Standard Plan 614.11) is used in roadway and shoulder applications and is considered bicycle safe. The parallel bar grate (Standard Plan 614.10) may be used only in areas outside the roadway and shoulders, such as in grassy medians or other unpaved areas.

Standard curved vane grate inlets are 2 ft. (610 mm) long (measured in the direction of flow), and either 2 or 4 ft. (610 or 1219 mm) wide (measured perpendicular to the direction of flow). Only 2 ft. (610 mm) wide inlets may be used in curb and gutter sections; whereas 2 or 4 ft. widths may be used with integral curb (triangular) sections. Details of the inlet grates and gutter cross-sections may be found in the standard plans.

Grate inlets fit in Type S-1, S-2 or S-3 precast drop inlets. Precast drop inlet covers, Types A, B, C, D and E, are shown in the standard plans.

Hydraulic aspects of grate inlets are presented in 640.1 Pavement and Bridge Deck Drainage.

Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 614

Manhole Frame And Cover And Curb Inlet (for Sec 614.30). The Standard Plans are clear.