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Design Exception Information Form
Passing Lane Special Sheet

Rumble strips are a grooved pattern in the pavement that improves safety by alerting drivers as they unintentionally stray from the roadway. The grooves alert drivers by causing the vehicle’s wheels to noisily and suddenly vibrate when it leaves the driving lane.

This article deals with both edgeline and centerline rumble strips as well as the construction inspection guidelines that must be considered to achieve a high-quality product. Guidance is also presented for transverse rumble strips, warning devices placed perpendicular to trffic across the driving lane.

For information on Temporary Rumble Strips for use in work zones, refer to EPG 616.6.87 Temporary Rumble Strips (MUTCD 6F.87).

District Responsibility. Collaboration with the Highway Safety and Traffic Division and the Design Division is necessary prior to approval of a design exception to omit or modify these system-wide safety improvements (such as rumble strips) on a project.

It is the district's responsibility to re-install obliterated or deteriorated rumble strips.