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MoDOT values the needs of all transportation users, including bicyclists. Local, state and federal agencies are responding to bicyclists' increased use of roadways and bridges by implementing a wide variety of bicycle-related projects and programs. Safe, convenient and well-designed transportation facilities are essential to encourage bicycle use. Consideration for the provision of bicycle facilities on MoDOT improvement projects occurs during planning, and design activities when specific conditions exist. The design and installation of specific facilities is at the sole discretion of the director or the district engineer acting as the director’s designee. The decision to provide or not provide a facility on any project will be documented. Dedicated bicycle facilities will not be provided on interstate roadways. Wherever possible facilities are to be located off MoDOT’s right of way. However, many times bicycle traffic can be accommodated on a proposed improvement simply through the use of a paved shoulder. If this alternative proves unsatisfactory, several other types of facilities can be selected to address the bicyclist’s need.


Additional Information
Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Costs for the construction and maintenance of new bicycle facilities, including right of way, may be funded by local jurisdictions, by non-department sources, or by the department itself. Enhancement funds cannot be used for maintenance of bicycle facilities. State funds will only be used for facilities located on MoDOT right of way. Bicycle facility funding arrangements for design, construction and maintenance must be addressed with a written agreement between MoDOT and a local sponsor.

Existing Facilities

Existing bicycle facilities disturbed by any MoDOT improvement project will be replaced at MoDOT’s expense, unless superseded by provisions of a previously executed agreement or permit. Normal right of way and construction costs for this restoration will be included as a project cost for the proposed improvement.

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