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Code: R319


The time and expenses incurred from removing and replacing pipe culverts. Includes time and expenses incurred for installing a new lining in an existing culvert.


To install new pipe liners in existing pipe culverts.


As needed year around.

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Material

  • Pipe Liner
  • Slurry Mix
  • Portland Cement
  • Agricultural Lime
  • Water

Recommended Procedure

1. Consult district Design on size and placement of pipe liner.

2. Call Dig Rite and MoDOT to check for utilities.

3. Place traffic control devices as needed.

4. Clean out ditch, if necessary, to make room for liner.

5. Insert liner.

6. Form upstream and downstream ends and mudjack between liner and existing pipe.

7. Grade and reshape shoulder, as necessary.

8. Seed and mulch, as necessary

9. Clean work area.

10. Remove traffic control devices.


Call before you dig to locate utilities (1-800-DIG-RITE). Watch out for "pinch points." Wear all appropriate PPE. Reference the Safety Policies, Rules & Regulations-Employee Handbook.

Other Considerations

Use appropriate size liner for application. Follow manufacture’s instructions on installation.


Standard Specifications Sec 735

735 Pipe Liner1.jpg 735 Pipe Liner2.jpg
Rusted Out Pipe Invert Pipe Liner Installation
735 Pipe Liner3.jpg 735 Pipe Liner4.jpg
Pipe Liner Installation Pipe Liner Installation
735 Pipe Liner5.jpg 735 Pipe Liner6.jpg
Pipe Liner Installation Pipe Liner Installation
735 Pipe Liner7.jpg 735 Pipe Liner8.jpg
Pipe Liner Installation Pipe Liner Installation
735 Pipe Liner9.jpg 735 Pipe Liner10.jpg
Pipe Liner Installation Grouting Pipe Liner to Culvert End
735 Pipe Liner11.jpg 735 Pipe Liner12.jpg
Grouted Pipe Liner Finished Product