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===904.2 Certification Types. ===
===904.2 Certification Types. ===
Abbreviations, certification types, and the requirements and distribution listings are pro-vided in Figure 904.2.1 and Tables 900.4.1, 900.4.2 and 900.4.3.
Abbreviations, certification types, and the requirements and distribution listings are provided in Figure 904.2.1 and Tables 900.4.1, 900.4.2 and 900.4.3.

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904.1 General.

To provide field personnel a reference regarding testing, inspection and certification of the various components required in construction of lighting, traffic signals, signs and cathodic protection, checklists have been developed for materials and equipment used in these items. The checklists have been developed for each separate field. Each list provides information as follows:

Column 1. The component items.
Column 2. The area of MoDOT responsible for sampling the materials or collection of certifications.
Column 3. The type of certification required. Refer to 904.2 Certification Types for abbreviations and illustrations of desired certification types.
Column 4. The number of copies of certification.
Column 5. The distribution of certifications.
Column 6. The distribution of test or inspection reports.
Column 7. Whether the manufacturer or the fabricator’s name will be required in the “Material and Equipment List” that is furnished with the contract proposal.
Column 8. Whether the catalog number is required for each particular item on the material and equipment list furnished with the contract proposal.

It is possible that items may appear in future contracts that could not be anticipated. The following guides are intended to serve as criteria for determining whether such items will require test, inspection or certification.

(a) Items covered by quality specification only. (Example: Sec 1060.1.1, Rigid Steel Conduit, Zinc Coated). These items should be covered by test and inspection reports or by inspection reports supported by manufacturer’s or fabricator’s certifications.
(b) Items specified by brand name in the special provisions or on plans. The Resident Engineer should insure that the proper materials are used. Such items will be considered as covered by the District Engineer’s Certification.
(c) Items covered by “performance” type specifications. (Example: Sec 902.4.7.2, Master Coordination Unit). If item is not included on the contract “Material List” requiring manufacturer’s name and catalog number, then no other test report or certification is considered necessary.
(d) Items not covered by specification. (Example: Ground Rods). No test or inspection report, or certification, is required.

A sign reference sheet for materials sampled by laboratory personnel at sign fabricating shops is included as Figure 904.1 to aid project forces in determining whether or not all signing items have been inspected. The districts will not receive individual test reports for sign components. The districts will receive a summary of these reports that will include all items tested or upon which a certification has been received. This test report summary will serve in place of individual test reports. Individual test reports will remain on file in the Materials Office. Sign supports are not included in this category.

Figure 904.1 Sign Reference Sheet
Sheet Increment Structural Signs
Aluminum Flat Sheet Sign Panels
Aluminum Zee Bars (Type A - 2 3/8 in.) (Type B - 3 in.) as specified
Aluminum Tubular Stiffners
Aluminum Flange Casting
Aluminum Locking Tab
Aluminum Backing Clip and/or Backing Strip
Aluminum Post Clip
Aluminum Post Clamp (Type A & B) as specified
Aluminum Hat Section (Hook Bolt Assembly) (Type A)
Aluminum Angle (Hook Bolt Assembly) (Type A)
Aluminum Cut-Out Letters, Figures, Borders & Corners
Stainless Steel Post Clamp, Bolts, Nuts & Washers
Aluminum Bolts, Nuts, Flat Washers, Lock Washers
Aluminum Angle 1-1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in. x 1/8 in. (Type B)
Aluminum Welding Studs
Flat Sheet Signs
Aluminum Flat Sheets (Thickness as specified)
Aluminum Angle, 1-1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in. x 1/8 in.
Stainless Steel Bolts, Self-Locking Nuts & Washers
Acrylic Plastic Reflectors (Sizes as specified)
Silk Screen Paste (Colors as specified)
Reflective Sheeting (Colors as specified)
Any required certifications for these items will be obtained by the Main Office Division of Maintenance & Traffic.

Since the test report summary may or may not be complete, the Resident Engineer is responsible to complete test report summaries for all sign components, test reports for sign posts, delineators, anchor rods, etc. and necessary sign fabricator’s certification (SFC) before payment is made for stockpiled materials. If the contractor elects to erect signs before all test reports and certifications are in project files, the Resident Engineer is to issue an order record to the contractor stating that he is erecting signs at his own risk.

Where the tabulation indicates District Engineer’s Certification, no other documents should be sent to Construction and Materials Division. Any other documents secured by district or project forces to support the District Engineer’s Certification should be retained in district files. In lieu of the District Engineer’s Certification (DEC) letter, a sample record should be prepared in SiteManager. See Field Section 900 of the Materials Manual for specific instructions.

904.2 Certification Types.

Abbreviations, certification types, and the requirements and distribution listings are provided in Figure 904.2.1 and Tables 900.4.1, 900.4.2 and 900.4.3.

Figure 904.2.1 Certification Types
F.M.C. - Fabricator’s, Jobber’s or Manufacturer’s Certification.
Fabricators, jobbers or manufacturers shall state that they are familiar with the requirements of the specifications and certify that the material meets the requirements of the applicable sections and paragraphs. Fabricators shall include a statement that material came from lots meeting requirements as supported by attached manufacturer’s certification.
S.F.C. - Sign Fabricator’s Certification. (Refer to Sec 903.3.5.2.)
The contractor shall furnish a certification in triplicate from the sign manufacturer stating that “only those materials inspected by the Missouri State Highway Commission’s representative and approved for use, and no other, were used in the fabrication of the signs, and that the manufacturer’s processes used were in full compliance with the specification requirements.”
M.T. - Mill Test Certification
Mill test reports showing physical and/or chemical properties.
D.E.C. - District Engineer’s Certification
This certification is to cover all items which are denoted by D.E.C. in column three, type of certification, of Figure 904.2.2. The District Engineer’s Certification is prepared by the Resident Engineer, signed by the District Engineer, and submitted to the State Construction and Materials Engineer and states specifically “The (lighting, signal) materials and equipment listed by the contractor, including accessories and appurtenances, as required in section (901.4, 902.4.5) and specifically approved by the Divisions of Maintenance and Traffic were those which were incorporated into the work except as follows.”
If there are exceptions to the approved itemized listing, the circumstances under which other materials were permitted should be set out. There should be maintained in the Resident Engineer’s office a checklist of the actual items installed to support the statement.

Table 904.1 Highway Lighting

Item MoDOT Area that Samples or Collects Type of Certification No.of Copies Distribution of Certification Distribution of Inspection or Test Reports Approved List
Fabricator or Manufacturer Catalog
Lighting, Std., Steel RE DEC & FMC 2 RE, D - R NR
Lighting, Std., Alum. RE DEC & FMC 2 RE, D - R NR
Lighting, Bracket Arms RE DEC & FMC 2 RE, D - R NR
Steel Pile Foundations RE DEC & FMC 2 RE, D - NR NR
Galvanizing (Steel Stds., Bracket Arms & Foundations) T - - - RE,D,M NR NR
Aluminum Transformer Base RE DEC & FMC 3 RE, D, M* - NR NR
Lighting Luminaires RE DEC 1 D - R R
Switch, Main Disconnect RE DEC 1 D - R R
Transformers, Distr. RE DEC 1 D - R R
Tramsformers, Control RE DEC 1 D - R R
Sub-Station (Pad Mounted) RE DEC 1 D - R R
Switch, Primary Oil RE DEC 1 D - R R
Lighting Arrester RE DEC 1 D - R R
Control Cabinet RE DEC 1 D - R R
Photo Electric Control RE DEC 1 D - R R
Wood Regulator and Service Pole RE DEC & FMC 3 RE, D, M* - NR NR
* Submit Only DEC to M
D- District Construction & Materials M- Construction and Materials Division (Main Office) T - Maintenance & Traffic Division