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Change Order Approval Chart

The change order approval level chart in Section 109.12 is a potentially great tool. The amounts listed in this chart include a Total Change Order Overrun or a Total Change Order Underrun but I'm thinking it could be stated more clearly. I think in the chart, it would help to have a row that says overrun amount and a separate row that says underrun amount. It adds a few rows to the chart, but I think would be much more clear to us. After reading it several times, the definition made sense because it said ABSOLUTE value, but it did not stand out to us when several of us were trying to see why the change order was not an RE Level based on SiteManager Calculation. Am I correct that a Total Change Order Amount of an underrun of $60,000 is enough reason to make it a District Change Order? I like the chart, but the columns just seem to be talking about positive numbers and not also negatives.