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Need to add the word "as" to the paragraph.

Maintenance of Edge Ruts Edge ruts can be helped by filling the rut with aggregate, soil, sod or other material. The material should have stability to prevent rapid recurrence of the condition. The material may be light bladed in from the shoulder or hauled in a hopper bed and applied from the hopper bed with the fan removed. Spot sections can be filled by hand labor. The material should be compacted thoroughly. A windrow of material shall not be left along the edge for traffic to compact. Repeated applications of aggregate and asphalt similar to penetration macadam methods have also proved effective in repairing edge ruts as the asphalt serves as a binder. Bituminous mix material is not recommended on lower type shoulders unless it can be placed to sufficient depth or on a base to prevent breakup. Sections which require continual maintenance, such as on the inside of curves should be cut down, base material placed and the surface paved with bituminous mix.

Keith L. Smith: Got it! Thanks for the input.