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'''[[:Category:123 Federal-Aid Highway Program#123.1.1 FHWA Oversight - National Highway System|EPG 123.1.1 FHWA Oversight - National Highway System]]'''
8/9/18: Information for Projects of Division Interest (PoDI) has been updated for PY20.
'''[[:Category:134 Engineering Professional Services#The PM/CA uploads a copy|Consultant Contract Administration]]'''
'''[[:Category:134 Engineering Professional Services#The PM/CA uploads a copy|Consultant Contract Administration]]'''

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Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation system that is safe, innovative, reliable
and dedicated to a prosperous Missouri.

MoDOT’s three pillars of “Safety, Service and Stability” steer our leadership and employees. Our commitment to safety includes keeping both customers and ourselves safe. Our service includes providing outstanding customer service, delivering transportation solutions of great value and using resources wisely. Keeping roads and bridges in good condition, operating a reliable and convenient transportation system, and advancing Missouri’s economic development reflect our commitment to stability.

Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, are used to deliver our commitments. These and other forward-thinking concepts shape the content of the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related Bridge, Construction, Design, Highway Safety & Traffic, Maintenance, Planning and Right of Way guidance.


EPG 123.1.1 FHWA Oversight - National Highway System

8/9/18: Information for Projects of Division Interest (PoDI) has been updated for PY20.

Consultant Contract Administration

7/31/19: Guidance for the invoicing process has been updated.

EPG 751.1.2.21 Substructure Type

7/31/19: Guidance pertaining to galvanizing requirements for scour area has been clarified.

EPG 236.8 Relocation Assistance Program

7/30/19: Guidance was updated to match the MAP-21 and federal guidelines.

Fig. 616.8.10g (TA-10g MT) Side Roads Entering Work Zones

7/25/19: Guidance in EPG 616. Flagging Operations and EPG 616.6.58 PILOT CAR FOLLOW ME and PILOT CAR IN USE WAIT & FOLLOW was updated along with Fig. 616.8.10g (TA-10g MT) Side Roads Entering Work Zones to present current pilot car signage usage.

EPG 121.5.4 Funding Assets

7/24/19: New guidance identifies what is eligible for Major Bridge Asset Management funds.

EPG 941.4 Request to Perform Grading or Construct Geometric Improvements within Interstate Right of Way

7/23/19: Policy was updated to match the current FHWA agreement and clarify the procedure.

EPG 606.1.3.2 End Terminals, Crash Cushions and Anchors

7/22/19: Expanded guidance about end terminal grading for both new roadway construction and for existing roadbeds.

EPG 806.1.7.2 Construction Considerations

7/22/19: Simplified guidance by removing guidance that was sufficiently covered in specifications.

EPG 136.3.8 Programs

7/22/19: Deleted guidance for LPA programs that are no longer in use. Also, guidance was updated to accommodate revisions in the FAST Act.

EPG 751.1.2.21 Substructure Type

7/19/19: Guidance has been updated to refer 50-ft. lengths of galvanized pile.

EPG 903.6.22 Low Clearance Sign

7/12/19: Guidance has been clarified and generally re-written.

EPG Storm Water Database Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

7/11/19: The storm water QRGs have been updated and collected under their own heading in EPG 101 Standard Forms. New storm water QRGs have also been added.

EPG 141.2.11 Terms of Loans

7/10/19: Guidance has been updated to reflect the changes the MTFC board recently approved.

EPG Digital Upgrade Request

6/25/19: Guidance has been expanded about how MoDOT personnel may handle upgrade requests.

Pretensioned Anchorage Zones

6/21/19: Terminology about the prestress force at transfer was clarified to better match AASHTO code.

EPG 127.13 Noise

6/21/19: Several updates including the clarification of screening methodology. Also clarified that all benefitted receptors are to be included in the benefit cost reasonableness calculation and noise abatement voting.

EPG Disposal of Animal Carcasses

6/14/19: Updated guidance to match current practice, which has been coordinated with MO Dept. of Conservation.

EPG 750.7.3 Environmental Requirements

6/14/19: Expanded guidance, especially in the new EPG 750.7.3.1 Stream Classifications, clarified our process to meet the Corps' requirements for their "Regional Condition".

EPG Negotiation Procedures and EPG Taxpayer Identification Numbers

6/4/19: Guidance has been updated to reflect that the IRS Form W-9 is no longer needed.

Standard Detailing Note

5/31/19: The commentary for Note E2.26 was clarified. In the note itself, additional options were provided for piling minimum nominal axial compressive resistance.

EPG 130 Value Engineering

5/28/19: New guidance is now available for Post-Award Value Engineering (PAVE) workshops, processes and project selections.

Figs. 616.6.87.1 Rumble Strip Placement in Flagging and 616.6.87.2 Rumble Strip Placement on a Divided Highway

5/28/19: The spacing between the long-term rumble strips was increased to "10 to 12 feet" for a greater area of effectiveness.

Median Crossover on a Divided Highway, TA-39

5/28/19: In EPG 616.8 Typical Applications, TA-39 for Design and Construction was revised to require Directional Indicator Barricades for tapers. The concrete barrier has been removed on sheet 2. Instead of the concrete barrier, an approved, temporary and crashworthy device can be used.

Costs for Non-Contractual Items

5/21/19: The most recent costs for non-contractual items is now presented in EPG 237.6 Estimates.

Pile Design

5/17/19: Guidance for pile design procedure was clarified in several articles including EPG 702 Load-Bearing Piles, EPG 751.1.2.23 Types of Piling, EPG 751.3 Structural Steel Design Properties and EPG 751.36 Driven Piles.