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MoDOT has made great strides over the last two years to build a good transportation system and increase taxpayers' trust in its ability to deliver what was promised. The same innovative concepts such as practical design and design-build that were used to deliver those commitments, have made MoDOT a leader in the transportation industry. These forward thinking, innovative concepts were continued with the decision to incorporate all MoDOT's engineering manuals under a single cover.

MoDOT is proud to present the new ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE. This document is the result of a yearlong effort to combine the Right of Way, Design, Bridge, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance Manuals; providing a single reference for all engineering guidance. This program is fully functional, although all of its policy content will not be present until late 2007.

MediaWiki, the engine behind the Wikipedia on the World Wide Web, is the software used to deliver the new manual. A small HELP ARTICLE is included to assist you with some helpful hints on how to use the manual as well as other points of interest. This HELP ARTICLE will be expanded as questions arise. You will find this format easy to navigate and more pleasing to read.

Create an EPG User ID

3/06/08: New guidance for creating a User ID for the EPG (Help Page)

Typical Sections

3/05/08: Update Rural and Urban Typical Roadway Sections (231).

Electronic Design Data

2/20/08:Revised procedures for delivery of electronic design data for project offices and from consultants (237.14).

Roadway Visibility Direction

2/14/08 (Updated 2/29/08): Added the 2008 Roadway Visibility Direction, JSP's and Bid Items at the top of 620.1 General (MUTCD Chapter 3A) until guidance and standards are fully revised to incorporate the new policy.

Request for Federal Funding Form

2/11/08: A "request for federal funding form" must accompany the submission of approved right of way plans to the Right of Way Division ( and

Permits and Clearances for Utilities

2/11/08: Obtain enviornmental permits and clearances for utilities jointly with MoDOT's activities (643.2.1.5).

Width Transitions

2/6/08: Add figures for "width transitions" for left turn lanes (

Excess Land Conveyances

1/16/08: Excess land conveyances must address utility impacts ( and