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The TMA Flagger won the People's Choice Award and the Director's Safety Award at the 2017 Innovations Challenge Showcase. This innovation was produced by Maintc. Supervisor Travis Teter, Maintc. Supervisor David Eppright, Maintc. Crew Leader Russell Fisher and Equipment Technician Supervisor Chris Zurn. The idea started when Teter received a call from his twin brother, who is also a flagger, about the on-the-job death of another flagger on his team. The innovation with the loud horn eliminates the need of a flagger in the work zone and increases safety in all types of work zones by improving directions to motorists while also protecting the work area with a TMA.
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MHTC Vice Chair Gregg Smith and Equipment Technician Supervisor Chris Zurn

The innovation, a boat trailer style TMA modified to be an AFAD, uses three color variable message boards, an automated stop and slow paddle and a flashing signal.
Trucks deliver and unload material to the Rte. 47 Missouri River Bridge construction site. The project was awarded to Alberici in 2016 for almost $63 million. By late 2018, the narrow, 1936 bridge will be replaced with a new bridge having two 12 ft. lanes, 10 ft. shoulders on the inside and outside, and a 10 ft. protected bike/pedestrian path as well as decorative lighting, railing details and decorative columns.

MoDOT has made great strides to build a good transportation system and increase taxpayers' trust in its ability to deliver what was promised. Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, were used to deliver those commitments and have made MoDOT a leader in the transportation industry.

These forward-thinking, innovative concepts are reflected in the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related guidance by combining the former Right of Way, Design, Bridge, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance manuals.

MediaWiki, the engine behind the Wikipedia on the World Wide Web, is the software delivering the EPG. Over 40 million hits on the EPG endorse this format to be easy to navigate and pleasing to read. A small HELP ARTICLE is included to assist with helpful hints on how to use the EPG as well as other points of interest.

Perhaps you've wondered how many hits the most popular EPG articles have. As of early May, the numbers of hits are:
20. EPG 136 157576  10. EPG 751.5 214433
19. EPG 134 158474  9. EPG 600 244632
18. EPG 751.40 163212  8. EPG 616.23 261975
17. EPG 136.4 168312  7. EPG 100 296842
16. EPG 751.50 177063  6. EPG 700 308136
15. EPG 620.2 177900  5. EPG 900 329343
14. EPG 903 183988  4. EPG 101 335583
13. EPG 200 184682  3. EPG 136.12 361654
12. EPG 136.9 202491  2. EPG 751 423863
11. EPG 616 206162  1. EPG Main Page 2771273

Contract Leveling Course (CLC) and Seal Coat

5/10/17: The Contract Leveling Course and Seal Coat guidelines as well as their respective JSP packages were updated.

EPG 137 Construction Inspection Guidance for Records to be Maintained

5/1/17: Guidance was updated to reflect that project documents are now stored in eProjects.

EPG 460.3.13 Asphalt Binder Sampling and Test Results

4/25/17: New guidance has been provided for handling failing binder samples and for when additional testing may take place. Also, recommended penalties are provided for failing binders at the different levels.

Girder Chair Details

4/11/17: In EPG 751.11.3.6 Girder/Beam Chairs, EPG 751.22.3.10 Closed Intermediate Bent Diaphragms and EPG 751.35.3 Dimensions, girder chair details and end distances from center line of bearing to end of steel and prestressed girders were clarified.

New Corps of Engineers Regional Condition

4/10/17: EPG 750.7.3 Environmental Requirements was updated with the new Corps of Engineers Regional Condition, which affects culvert design.

Slab Drain Standard Detailing Notes

4/6/17: The slab drain notes were correlated with all the slab drain standard drawings.

EPG 127.4 Wetlands and Streams

4/5/17: Guidance for classifying streams has been added.

Temporary Rumble Strips

3/29/17: Two location notes and the color of the rumbles in the legends of Fig. 616.6.87.1 Rumble Strip Placement in Flagging Operations and Fig. 616.6.87.2 Rumble Strip Placement on a Divided Highway were revised to aid designers in completing temporary traffic control plans.


3/27/17: EPG 153.1 The Agreement Process and EPG 235.2.3 Municipal Agreements and County Agreements were updated to reflect the current eAgreement process. In EPG 153 Agreements and Contracts, the tables were updated to provide the current contract listings.

EPG 153.19 Right of Way

3/21/17: RW agreement guidance has been updated to current procedures.

EPG 606.1.3.2 End Terminals, Crash Cushions and Anchors

3/20/17: Guidance about the grading limits was clarified when using MASH crashworthy end terminals for the exposed ends of all new runs of guardrail.

EPG 616.14.10 Work Zone Transportation Management Plan

3/17/17: Guidance for WZ Transportation Management was clarified.

Ornamental Pedestrian Fencing

3/17/17: A new standard detailing note is available to show that it is not required for AASHTO’s design live load for ornamental pedestrian fencing to be applied simultaneously.

Outdoor Advertising

3/16/17: in EPG Substantially Rebuilt Conforming Out of Standard Outdoor Advertising and EPG Deteriorated or Damaged Nonconforming Outdoor Advertising, the process for sending ODA courtesy letter was revised.

EPG 903.18.4 Object Markers for Obstructions Adjacent to the Roadway

3/16/17: Object Marker usage policy was clarified, including new figures showing standard installation details.

EPG 751.22.2.2 Prestressing Strands; Strand Arrangement Optimizing

3/8/17: New guidance for aligning NU top flange, straight and harped prestressing strands, when possible, in NU prestressed girders to aid in fabricating flange blockouts.

Bridge Memo and Design Layout Requirements

3/8/17: Guidance in EPG 751. Content and EPG 751.1.2.31 Finishing Up Design Layout for bridge approach slabs requirements for Bridge Memo and the Design Layout was expanded and clarified.

Galvanized Steel Pipes

3/7/17: Guidance in several articles, including EPG 751.1.2.20 Substructure Type , EPG 751.32.3 Details, EPG 751.36.2 Steel Pile and EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes E.2, has been updated to require all steel pile (HP, Closed end CIP, Opened end CIP) to be galvanized.

EPG 821 Herbicides and Roadsides

2/23/17: Guidance for products has been updated for 2017.

Cost Estimate Guide for Rural Preliminary Design

2/21/17: In EPG 104.7 Estimates, the Cost Estimate Guide for rural preliminary design was updated.

EPG Subordination of Mortgage Liens

2/17/17: Guidance about the Partial Deed of Release has been updated to reflect current practices.

Epoxy Coated Reinforcing

2/15/17: Guidance in EPG 751. Epoxy Coated Reinforcement Requirements has expanded the use of epoxy coated reinforcement in bridge structures.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

2/15/17: Signal-related preventive maintenance and inspection process guidance in EPG 902.4.2.1 Controller and Cabinet Replacement Program and EPG 902.5.8.3 Signal Maintenance was updated.

EPG 127.29 Storm Water

2/15/17: New and updated guidance provides permit requirements. Also, new EPG 129.13 Public Involvement for Stormwater guidance describes the public involvement process that allows input on new permits.