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MoDOT has made great strides to build a good transportation system and increase taxpayers' trust in its ability to deliver what was promised. Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, were used to deliver those commitments and have made MoDOT a leader in the transportation industry.

These forward-thinking, innovative concepts are reflected in the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related guidance by combining the former Right of Way, Design, Bridge, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance manuals.

MediaWiki, the engine behind the Wikipedia on the World Wide Web, is the software delivering the EPG. Millions of hits on the EPG endorse this format to be easy to navigate and pleasing to read. A small HELP ARTICLE is included to assist with helpful hints on how to use the EPG as well as other points of interest.

Ephemeral Streams

3/12/19: Guidance in EPG 750.7.3.1 Embedment Requirements was updated with a minor note stating the Corps of Engineers must validate whether a stream is "ephemeral".

EPG Prompt Offer of Just Compensation

3/6/19: Guidance was clarified to allow the minimum offer to be reduced if approved by the Asst. to State Design Engineer – Right of Way.

EPG 616.16.1 Guidelines for Providing Law Enforcement Services

3/1/19: Guidelines were clarified to provide a more standardized process.

EPG 236.16 Outdoor Advertising

3/1/19: Several ODA policies were updated to current practice, especially in EPG 236.16.22 Monthly Reports.

EPG 121.5 Asset Management

2/27/19: Guidance has been revised to coordinate with current practice.

EPG 147.3.5 Term Extension of Job Order Contracts

2/25/19: Guidance about providing a reason for extending the contract has been added.

EPG 806.1.7.2 Construction Considerations

2/22/19: Guidance about erosion control for temporary pipe and temporary construction crossings was clarified.


2/14/19: The new AWP MA Adding New Concrete Mix Design QRG is now available.

Solicitation and Request Letter

2/13/19: The Solicitation and Request letter has been updated.

EPG 751.1 Preliminary Design, Safety Barrier Curb (SBC) and Median Barrier Curb (MBC)

2/8/19: Revision coordinates guidance with the FHWA requirement for new wearing surfaces.

EPG 147.3.9 Change Order Approvals

1/28/19: EPG 147.3.9 was rewritten and retitled to provide new Change Order guidance for JOCs.

Asphalt Shoulder Surface Mix

1/25/19: Guidance in EPG Shoulder Surface was revised so that all shoulders 4 ft. and narrower, and when shoulder improvements are also anticipated as part of the scope of work, will be monolithically resurfaced with the same type of asphaltic mix used on the mainline roadway.

EPG 413.3.3 Maintenance Surface Treatment

1/25/19: The UBAWS Treatment policy was clarified, including the identification of the proper thicknesses for UBAWS types.

EPG 751.22.3.13 Intermediate Diaphragms

1/11/19: Guidance about the spacing of steel intermediate diaphragms for PSI girders was revised to include NU girders.

Standard Detailing Note A3.5.1

1/11/19: A new note for uncoated steel coming in contact with galvanized piles is now available.

EPG 127.25.2 Hazardous Material Spills

1/10/19: Guidance has been updated to current practice.

Guidance for Using Sign Management System and EPG 903.3.16 Ordering Signs

1/9/19: Guidance has been updated to current practices. New guidance for the use of the Sign Management System is now available. 

EPG 236.3.7 Right of Way Clearance Certification

1/8/19: Added guidance for the RW clearance process for projects programmed in the STIP with RW funding but that do not require RW to construct the project.

EPG 121 Project Planning, Prioritization and STIP Commitments

1/4/19: Guidance has been updated to current practice. EPG 121.2 The Planning Process and EPG 121.5 Prioritization Factors were both re-written and re-titled as EPG 121.2 The Planning Framework for Transportation Decision-Making and EPG 121.5 Asset Management, respectively.

EPG 910.4 ITS Achitecture

1/3/19: New guidance on completing a systems engineering analysis on all ITS projects is now available.

Weathering Steel

12/28/18: Guidance for the use of weathering steel has been added to EPG 751.1.2.9 Girder Type Selection.

EPG 235.6 Approval of Preliminary Plan

12/28/18: The district now completes an RES at each project development milestone, or at least at the Location/Conceptual state and final design.

The “DBE Termination, Substitution or Additional Request” Form

12/18/18: Guidance in EPG 108.1.1 Review and Approval of a Subcontract Request and EPG 108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Subcontracting was clarified on the use of this form when a prime contractor proposes to terminate, substitute or add an additional DBE.

EPG 127.1 Request for Environmental Services

12/12/18: Guidance regarding submittals of a final RES and the requirement of only 1 RES for some projects has been updated.

TMA Light Bar

12/11/18: Guidance in EPG 612.1.2 MoDOT Protective Vehicle/TMA Marking and Lighting and EPG 616.27.1.1 Fleet Lighting Levels, Level 5 has been updated to state that the Light Bar may be used and the Emergency Alert lights should be used on the Rear Advanced Warning Truck for striping and sweeping operations. TA-35 MT and TA-35a-d MT were also updated.