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Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation system that is safe, innovative, reliable
and dedicated to a prosperous Missouri.

MoDOT’s three pillars of “Safety, Service and Stability” steer our leadership and employees. Our commitment to safety includes keeping both customers and ourselves safe. Our service includes providing outstanding customer service, delivering transportation solutions of great value and using resources wisely. Keeping roads and bridges in good condition, operating a reliable and convenient transportation system, and advancing Missouri’s economic development reflect our commitment to stability.

Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, are used to deliver our commitments. These and other forward-thinking concepts shape the content of the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related Bridge, Construction, Design, Highway Safety & Traffic, Maintenance, Planning and Right of Way guidance.


EPG 505.1.4 Polyester Polymer Concrete (PPC)

10/2/19: New guidance is now available for Polyester Polymer Concrete Overlay.

EPG 109.12.5 Change Order Time Extension for Extreme Events

9/26/19: This new guidance describes the latitude the State Construction and Materials Engineer has to grant time extensions for extreme events.

EPG Bridge Engineering Assistance Program (BEAP)

9/18/19: Guidance has been updated to conform with the new BEAP contract.

Abbreviations used by Design

9/5/19: Design Abbreviations are now presented in EPG 237 Contract Plans.

Bridge Contract Plans

9/4/19: The guidance in EPG 237.13.3 Bridge Contract Plans was moved to EPG 751.5.1.4 Contract Plan File Name Convention. The guidance in EPG 751.1.4 was re-titled and moved to EPG 751.5.1.7 Contract Addendums and Construction Changes.

Estimate Policies

8/30/19: Estimate guidance was clarified to reflect current practice. Updated titles include EPG 103.1.8 Final Engineer's Estimate, EPG 104.7 Scoping Estimates and EPG 237.6 Project Estimates. EPG 121.7 Program Estimates is a new article compiled of clarified guidance from other articles.

EPG 127.9 Floodplain Management and EPG 748.8 Development in Floodplains

8/29/19: Guidance for determining the need for a Floodplain Development Permit was widely clarified. EPG 127.9 was re-titled "Floodplain Management" and EPG 748.8 re-titled "Development in Floodplains".

EPG 147.3.9 Change Order Approvals

8/29/19: A sentence to be used that explains the reason for the final change order has been added to the guidance.

EPG 134.5.3 Consultant Contract Close-Out

8/28/19: External Civil Rights has been added to the list of divisions that consultants must notify that the last invoice is the final invoice.


8/27/19: Guidance has been provided for the two sizes of the GO20-4a sign.

TA-38a, Two Interior Lane Closure on a Freeway

8/26/19: TA-38a is now available in the Listing of Typical Applications for Design and Construction and Materials.

EPG 616.6.2.2 Flags and Advance Warning Rail System on Signs

8/26/19: The ROAD CLOSED AHEAD (WO20-3) sign was identified as also requiring the installation of AWRS and flags in long-term situations for both road work and full closures.

Figs. 903.2.26.1 and 903.2.26.2

8/22/19: These figures, which provide examples of heights and lateral locations of signs for typical installations as well as locations for STOP and YIELD signs at intersections, have been updated to more strictly reflect MUTCD guidance.

EPG 903.10.7 HOSPITAL Signs

8/13/19: Guidance about veterans’ hospital emergency rooms qualifying for hospital signing was clarified.

EPG 107.13 Insurance Requirements

8/13/19: Guidance about MoDOT insurance requirements for road and bridge contracts was expanded and brought into compliance with the latest statutes.

EPG Assessment of Liquidated Damages and Exceptions

8/9/19: Guidance has been rewritten for greater clarity and to remove archaic information. Also, a refresher course for the REs, Guidance for Assessment of Liquidated Damages, is now presented.

EPG 123.1.1 FHWA Oversight - National Highway System

8/9/19: Information for Projects of Division Interest (PoDI) has been updated for PY20.

Consultant Contract Administration

7/31/19: Guidance for the invoicing process has been updated.

EPG 751.1.2.21 Substructure Type

7/31/19: Guidance pertaining to galvanizing requirements for scour area has been clarified.

EPG 236.8 Relocation Assistance Program

7/30/19: Guidance was updated to match the MAP-21 and federal guidelines.

Fig. 616.8.10g (TA-10g MT) Side Roads Entering Work Zones

7/25/19: Guidance in EPG 616. Flagging Operations and EPG 616.6.58 PILOT CAR FOLLOW ME and PILOT CAR IN USE WAIT & FOLLOW was updated along with Fig. 616.8.10g (TA-10g MT) Side Roads Entering Work Zones to present current pilot car signage usage.

EPG 121.5.4 Funding Assets

7/24/19: New guidance identifies what is eligible for Major Bridge Asset Management funds.

EPG 941.4 Request to Perform Grading or Construct Geometric Improvements within Interstate Right of Way

7/23/19: Policy was updated to match the current FHWA agreement and clarify the procedure.

EPG 606.1.3.2 End Terminals, Crash Cushions and Anchors

7/22/19: Expanded guidance about end terminal grading for both new roadway construction and for existing roadbeds.