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'''[[903.9 General Information Signs#903.9.9 City/County Limit Signs (I4, I5, I6 Series)|EPG 903.9.9 City/County Limit Signs (I4, I5, I6 Series)]]'''
4/1/20: Guidance was clarified for where inadequate space exists to install a city limits sign at the standard location.
'''[[153.8 Design#DE62|Design Division eAgreement Contracts]]'''
'''[[153.8 Design#DE62|Design Division eAgreement Contracts]]'''
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1/15/20: Guidance was clarified.
1/15/20: Guidance was clarified.
'''[[751.50 Standard Detailing Notes#(K1.5.1)|EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes K1.5.1 and K1.5.2]]'''
1/14/20: Note K1.5 is now split into two notes, one for use with major roads and one for minor roads.

Revision as of 10:40, 1 April 2020

EPG 903.9.9 City/County Limit Signs (I4, I5, I6 Series)

4/1/20: Guidance was clarified for where inadequate space exists to install a city limits sign at the standard location.

Design Division eAgreement Contracts

3/31/20: New guidance is available for DE62 Stream Wetland Credit Purchase Agreement and DE66 TCF Bat Habitat Credit Purchase Agreement.

Contract Leveling Course (CLC) and Seal Coat

3/25/20: The Contract Leveling Course and Seal Coat guidelines, as well as their pdf files, were updated.

EPG 147.4 Fixed Price Variable Scope Contracting

3/25/20: This new article provides guidance for the new contracting method, FPVS Contracting.

EPG 153.19 Right of Way

3/24/20: New eAgreements, RW55 - RW60, has been added to the listings.

EPG 642 Pedestrian Facilities

3/20/20: Please closely read this article since most of the article has been re-written. EPG 642.1 through EPG 642.5 have been slightly revised and renumbered as EPG 642.8 through EPG 642.12.

EPG 127.27 Guidelines for Obtaining Environmental Clearance for Off-Site Activities

3/16/20: Borrow practices have been clarified and new permit information has been provided.

DBE and Non-DBE Subcontractor Reporting Form

3/16/20: Guidance for this form is now available in EPG 108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Subcontracting.

EPG 127.12 Air Quality

3/13/20: Guidance was clarified.

EPG 147.3.10 Guardrail and Guard Cable Repair

3/13/20: This new guidance assists JOC administrators to identify high priority repairs for guardrail and guard cable.

Preliminary Structure Guidance

3/9/20: Superstructure selection guidance has been updated throughout EPG 751.1.2.7 Structure Type Selection to EPG 751.1.2.17 Preliminary Cost Estimate. Pricing and bridge replacement information was updated.

EPG 127.26 Environmental Classification

3/4/20: The definitions of Categorical Exclusion, Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement were updated.

EPG Using the LPA On-Call Consultant List

2/27/20: Two new categories (Environmental and Historic Preservation) have been added to the LPA on-call consultant guidance.

EPG 236.4.4 Title Services and Responsibility

2/26/20: Guidance now reflects the recent interim guidance for determining responsibilities for the ADA transition plan and other construction requirements. EPG 236.4.4 Title Datum and Allied Services was retitled "Title Services and Responsibility".

EPG 607.1 Fencing Applications

2/14/20: Guidance for installing Interstate highway fencing was revised to current practice.

Deck rehabilitation

2/6/20: Deck rehabilitation guidance has been updated to current methods. Pay items in EPG 751.6.1 Index of Quantities were updated for supplementary wearing surface material. Rehabilitation design guidance was expanded in EPG 751.1.3 Wearing Surfaces/Rehabs/Redecks/Widenings and EPG 751.40.2.2 Special Repair Zones through EPG 751.40.3.1 Wearing Surfaces and added in EPG 216 Removals for Bridge Structures. Standard detailing notes were updated to reflect these revisions. EPG 1039 was re-titled as “Polymer Products”.

EPG 109.14 Price Adjustment for Fuel

1/30/20: Guidance has been coordinated with established AWP/SM practices.

EPG 751.6.2.17 Excavation

1/30/20: Excavation guidance has been updated to address Integral End Bents, remove Semi-Deep abutments and address effects of skew.

Nominal Acquisition Payment (NAP)

1/28/20: Guidance in EPG Waiver Valuation was revised to state that NAP forms are now to be approved by the Asst. to the State Design Engineer prior to use.

EPG 121.6 STIP Amendments

1/28/20: Guidance has been updated to reflect current practices.


1/22/20: The new AWP MA Retroactively Updating Materials Conversion Factor QRG is now available in EPG 101 Standard Forms.


1/17/20: The new AWP CM Test Equipment QRG is now available in EPG 101 Standard Forms.

Storm Water Permit Sign

1/17/20: This MoDNR stormwater permit sign has been updated in EPG 110.2 Additional Posters for Federal-Aid and State-Aid Projects.

Partial Depth Pavement Repairs

1/16/20: Guidance for the selection of different partial depth repairs has been clarified. Class A and Class B repair guidance was modified while new guidance for Class C repairs was added.

EPG Application Process

1/15/20: Guidance was clarified.