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'''New QRG'''
11/14/19: The new [http://epg.modot.mo.gov/forms/CM/AWP_CO_DailyWorkReport_Deleting_Postings_and_Acceptance_Records.doc AWP CO Daily Work Report, Deleting DWR Postings and Acceptance Records QRG] is now available.
'''[[236.17 Junkyards|EPG 236.17 Junkyards]]'''
'''[[236.17 Junkyards|EPG 236.17 Junkyards]]'''
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2/14/20: Guidance for installing Interstate highway fencing was revised to current practice.
2/14/20: Guidance for installing Interstate highway fencing was revised to current practice.
'''Deck rehabilitation'''
2/6/20:  Deck rehabilitation guidance has been updated to current methods.  Pay items in [[751.6 General Quantities#751.6.1 Index of Quantities|EPG 751.6.1 Index of Quantities]] were updated for supplementary wearing surface material.  Rehabilitation design guidance was expanded in [[751.1 Preliminary Design#751.1.3 Wearing Surfaces/Rehabs/Redecks/Widenings|EPG 751.1.3 Wearing Surfaces/Rehabs/Redecks/Widenings]] and [[751.40 Widening and Repair (LFD and Not Updated)#751.40.2.2 Special Repair Zones|EPG 751.40.2.2 Special Repair Zones through EPG 751.40.3.1 Wearing Surfaces]] and added in [[:Category:216 Removals for Bridge Structures#216.1 Construction Inspection Guidance for Sec 216|EPG 216 Removals for Bridge Structures]]. Standard detailing notes were updated to reflect these revisions.  [[:Category:1039 Polymer Products|EPG 1039]] was re-titled as “Polymer Products”.

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11/14/19: The new AWP CO Daily Work Report, Deleting DWR Postings and Acceptance Records QRG is now available.

EPG 236.17 Junkyards

4/22/20: Guidance has been clarified and updated.

EPG 134 Engineering Professional Services

4/17/20: The process for consultant agreements has been streamlined and other guidance has been clarified.

Reinforcement of Concrete Pile Cap Intermediate Bents and Concrete Pile Cap Integral End Bents

4/17/20: Guidance was clarified about additional flexure reinforcement requirements between piles for pile cap intermediate bents and integral end bents and skin reinforcement spacing requirements. This guidance was updated primarily in EPG 751.32.4.1 Typical Pile Cap Bent and EPG 751.32.4.2 Encased Pile Cap Bent as well as EPG 751.35.4.1 Wide Flange Beams & Plate Girders and EPG 751.35.4.2 Prestressed I-Girders, Bulb-Tee Girders and NU-Girders.

EPG 616.6.87 Temporary Rumble Strips

4/14/20: In Figures 616.6.87.1 and 616.6.87.2, the short-term Rumble Strip Placement spacing was updated. For speed limits from 50-55 mph, the spacing is now 20 feet. For speed limits from 60-70 mph, the spacing is now 30 feet.

Bluebeam Revu

4/10/20: In EPG 239 Construction Inspection Guidelines for Final Plans, district construction staff can now easily access vital Bluebeam Revu resources to prepare final as-built plans. These resources include Creating Digital IDs in Bluebeam Revu, Preparing As-Built (Final) Plans in Construction Using Bluebeam Revu, Bluebeam Revu Training Manual (2015) and Where to Save Stamps.

Fracture Critical Member (FCM) Notes

4/720: Fracture Critical Member (FCM) notes have been revised and moved from EPG 751. to EPG 751.50 A5.1 and EPG 751.50 H1.23.

EPG 127.29.8 MCM 6: Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

4/7/20: The guidance for the Facility Runoff Control Plan form has been expanded.

EPG 236.16 Outdoor Advertising

4/6/20: Guidance was clarified and updated to current practice. Vegetation policies were updated to match traffic policies for work on right of way.

EPG 113 Construction Inspection Guidance for Contractor's Claims

4/2/20: The procedures for handling contractor claims has been updated.

EPG 903.9.9 City/County Limit Signs (I4, I5, I6 Series)

4/1/20: Guidance was clarified for where inadequate space exists to install a city limits sign at the standard location.

Design Division eAgreement Contracts

3/31/20: New guidance is available for DE62 Stream Wetland Credit Purchase Agreement and DE66 TCF Bat Habitat Credit Purchase Agreement.

Contract Leveling Course (CLC) and Seal Coat

3/25/20: The Contract Leveling Course and Seal Coat guidelines, as well as their pdf files, were updated.

EPG 147.4 Fixed Price Variable Scope Contracting

3/25/20: This new article provides guidance for the new contracting method, FPVS Contracting.

EPG 153.19 Right of Way

3/24/20: New eAgreements, RW55 - RW60, has been added to the listings.

EPG 642 Pedestrian Facilities

3/20/20: Please closely read this article since most of the article has been re-written. EPG 642.1 through EPG 642.5 have been slightly revised and renumbered as EPG 642.8 through EPG 642.12.

EPG 127.27 Guidelines for Obtaining Environmental Clearance for Off-Site Activities

3/16/20: Borrow practices have been clarified and new permit information has been provided.

DBE and Non-DBE Subcontractor Reporting Form

3/16/20: Guidance for this form is now available in EPG 108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Subcontracting.

EPG 127.12 Air Quality

3/13/20: Guidance was clarified.

EPG 147.3.10 Guardrail and Guard Cable Repair

3/13/20: This new guidance assists JOC administrators to identify high priority repairs for guardrail and guard cable.

Preliminary Structure Guidance

3/9/20: Superstructure selection guidance has been updated throughout EPG 751.1.2.7 Structure Type Selection to EPG 751.1.2.17 Preliminary Cost Estimate. Pricing and bridge replacement information was updated.

EPG 127.26 Environmental Classification

3/4/20: The definitions of Categorical Exclusion, Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement were updated.

EPG Using the LPA On-Call Consultant List

2/27/20: Two new categories (Environmental and Historic Preservation) have been added to the LPA on-call consultant guidance.

EPG 236.4.4 Title Services and Responsibility

2/26/20: Guidance now reflects the recent interim guidance for determining responsibilities for the ADA transition plan and other construction requirements. EPG 236.4.4 Title Datum and Allied Services was retitled "Title Services and Responsibility".

EPG 607.1 Fencing Applications

2/14/20: Guidance for installing Interstate highway fencing was revised to current practice.