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1/17/20: The new AWP CM Test Equipment QRG is now available in EPG 101 Standard Forms.

Storm Water Permit

1/17/20: This MoDNR stormwater permit sign has been updated in EPG 110.2 Additional Posters for Federal-Aid and State-Aid Projects.

Partial Depth Pavement Repairs

1/16/20: Guidance for the selection of different partial depth repairs has been clarified. Class A and Class B repair guidance was modified while new guidance for Class C repairs was added.

EPG Application Process

1/15/20: Guidance was clarified.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes K1.5.1 and K1.5.2

1/14/20: Note K1.5 is now split into two notes, one for use with major roads and one for minor roads.

New Scenic Byways Article

1/13/20: Guidance reflecting established practice is presented in the new article, EPG 236.18 Scenic Byways.

MoDOT's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

1/10/20: EPG 806.8 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) has been updated along with supporting guidance such as EPG 806.5 Site Inspections and BMP Repair to reflect the issuance of MoDOT's new State Operating Permit from DNR. Related new guidance includes EPG 237.2.8 Estimated Area of Disturbance and EPG 237.4.12 Erosion and Sediment Control Sheets.

Use of Hyphens in Structural Detailing

1/7/20: Guidance in EPG 751. Plurality and EPG 751. Punctuation was updated for the uniform use of hyphens.

EPG 751.35.4.3 Wing Reinforcement

12/19/19: H bar development lengths in end bent wings were slightly modified for rounding and for large skews.

EPG 409.2.8 Method of Measurement

12/19/19: This new guidance clarifies the method of measurement for seal coat.

EPG 236.3.12 Consultant Right of Way Acquisition and Relocation Services (RWRS)

12/19/19: This new guidance documents the established practice of initiating consultant right of way acquisition and relocations services.

EPG Emergency Work Procurement Process

12/18/19: New Emergency Work Procurement Process guidance reflecting established practice is now available.

EPG Conflict of Interest

12/16/19: Clarified guidance by adding information pertaining to when a consultant acts as a city engineer.

EPG 237.14 Electronic Design Data Delivery

12/13/19: Guidance has been updated to reflect the use of the latest design software version.

Form 806.8.2, Project-Specific SWPPP Information

12/13/19: This form (presented in EPG 806.8 and EPG 101) now has a new page for REs/Inspectors to identify the BMPs that will be used on a project.

EPG 237.14.1 MoDOT and Consultant Electronic Design Data Requirements

12/12/19: Electronic Design Data guidance was clarified.

EPG 751.6.2.5 Concrete

12/3/19: Guidance about rounding of concrete quantities for superstructure was clarified. Guidance was added to subtract concrete displaced by CIP piles.

Reinforcement Details

12/2/19: Reinforcement details were updated in EPG 751. T-Joint Connections, EPG 751.31.1 and EPG 751.31.3 and EPG 751.32.4 Reinforcement to be in accordance with new epoxy coated guidelines and with new development and splice length requirements. Alternate end bent reinforcement details for shallow structures were added in EPG 751.35.3.3 through EPG 751.35.4.4.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes

11/21/19: Guidance about underlined portions of notes was added.

EPG Commercially Useful Function (CUF)

11/19/19: The location for storing CUF documents was updated from the archaic V: drive to eProjects.

EPG 751.11.2.1 Elastomeric Bearings Taper

11/14/19: The illustrations have been revised to clarify the maximum allowed taper.


11/14/19: The new AWP MA Sample Record Acceptance By Certification QRG is now available.

EPG 105.9.3 Daily Work Reports

11/6/19: Guidance has been added for when Daily Work Reports in AASHTOWARE may be suspended.

EPG Compensation for Changes in Access and EPG Non-Competitive Proposals for Contract Realty Appraisals

10/28/19: Guidance has been clarified to better reflect current practices.


10/25/19: Guidance in EPG 105.9 Authority and Duties of Resident Engineer and EPG 105.9.3 Daily Work Reports now allows for the expanded opportunities of the AWP.