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EPG Finalizing the PS&E for Advertisement and EPG Posting Projects for Advertisement

6/18/20: Guidance has been updated since proposals are not advertised anymore. The proposal is now split into a Bid Book, Roadway JSPs, and Bridge JSPs and each is advertised.

EPG 146.3.1 DBE Subcontract – Performing Work Onsite

6/17/20: New guidance clarified that when a DBE is a prime contractor, a CUF should be performed on the DBE firm as well as any other DBE firms being utilized. The CUF review should be conducted on the prime DBE every 60 days until the project is completed.


6/11/20: The new AWP MA I.A.S. Lab Audit is now available.

EPG 751.12 Barriers, Curbs and Fences

6/9/20: EPG 751.12 Protective Barriers was retitled EPG 751.12 Barriers, Curbs and Fences. Most of the article's contents was updated with guidance for new Type H barrier. Type D barrier is now the standard barrier for most bridges.

EPG 153.21 Transportation Planning

6/5/20: New eAgreement, TP06 Planning Consolidated Grant and Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Agreement, has been added to the listings.

EPG 174 Maintenance Management System (MMS)

6/2/20: This new article is a high-level introduction to MMS and provides users with access to the web-based program.

Guidance for Asphalt Cement Price Index Adjustments, Contract Seal Coat Guidelines and Contract Seal Coat pdf Plan Sheets

5/21/20: In EPG 403 Asphaltic Concrete Pavement, EPG 409 Seal Coat, EPG 413.3 Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Wearing Surface and other articles, this document has been updated to include CMS signs for Seal Coat projects. In EPG 409, the Contract Seal Coat Guidelines and Contract Seal Coat pdf Plan Sheets were also updated for the CMS signs.

LRFD Design Specifications Update

5/19/20: LRFD design specification notes were updated to reflect the required use of new or previous AASHTO releases.


5/15/20: The new AWP CO Contract Payment Estimate Exception Override is now available.

EPG 616.6.2.2 Flags and Advance Warning Rail System on Signs

5/15/20: Guidance has been updated because flags now shall be used on the ROAD/BRIDGE WORK AHEAD signs during short durations projects in daytime hours. Revised the photo of the sign and AWRS assemble without the flags.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes

5/12/20: Numerous notes, especially H10 notes, have been revised to apply to all barriers.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

5/7/20: EPG 642.4 Impact of the Project Category on ADA, EPG 902.4 Signal Installations and Equipment and EPG 902.5.9 Provisions for Pedestrians were updated for the installation of audible pedestrian signals at intersections of projects requiring ADA upgrades. This updated guidance also applies to new construction projects.

EPG 413.1 Micro-Surfacing

5/7/20: Guidance for single pass and double pass micro-surfacing was expanded. Guidance for micro-surfacing grade selection and surface preparation was also expanded. New guidance for post construction and the method of measurement and basis of payment is now available.

RAI and RWPA System Requirements

5/1/20: Guidance for RAI and RWPA data entry and media upload requirements was clarified or added in EPG 236.3 Administration, EPG 236.5 Property Management, EPG Appraisal Reports Required, EPG 236.7 Negotiation and EPG RWPA System Requirements for Condemnations.

EPG 751.10.1.14 Girder Haunch Reinforcement and EPG 751. Reinforcing Steel Details

4/30/20: Guidance about hairpin bar and projecting girder reinforcement height adjustment requirements for P/S girder excessive haunch has been clarified. The Standard Detailing Note H2c6.10 was also revised to reflect this clarification.

EPG 108.1.4, Professional Service Contract Labor

4/28/20: New guidance is now available for the relatively rare occurrence of professional service contract labor.

EPG 237.8.2 Liquidation Damages

4/27/20: The "Contract Administrative Costs" table has been updated.


11/14/19: The new AWP CO Daily Work Report, Deleting DWR Postings and Acceptance Records QRG is now available.

EPG 236.17 Junkyards

4/22/20: Guidance has been clarified and updated.

EPG 134 Engineering Professional Services

4/17/20: The process for consultant agreements has been streamlined and other guidance has been clarified.

Reinforcement of Concrete Pile Cap Intermediate Bents and Concrete Pile Cap Integral End Bents

4/17/20: Guidance was clarified about additional flexure reinforcement requirements between piles for pile cap intermediate bents and integral end bents and skin reinforcement spacing requirements. This guidance was updated primarily in EPG 751.32.4.1 Typical Pile Cap Bent and EPG 751.32.4.2 Encased Pile Cap Bent as well as EPG 751.35.4.1 Wide Flange Beams & Plate Girders and EPG 751.35.4.2 Prestressed I-Girders, Bulb-Tee Girders and NU-Girders.

EPG 616.6.87 Temporary Rumble Strips

4/14/20: In Figures 616.6.87.1 and 616.6.87.2, the short-term Rumble Strip Placement spacing was updated. For speed limits from 50-55 mph, the spacing is now 20 feet. For speed limits from 60-70 mph, the spacing is now 35 feet.

Bluebeam Revu

4/10/20: In EPG 239 Construction Inspection Guidelines for Final Plans, district construction staff can now easily access vital Bluebeam Revu resources to prepare final as-built plans. These resources include Creating Digital IDs in Bluebeam Revu, Preparing As-Built (Final) Plans in Construction Using Bluebeam Revu, Bluebeam Revu Training Manual (2015) and Where to Save Stamps.

Fracture Critical Member (FCM) Notes

4/720: Fracture Critical Member (FCM) notes have been revised and moved from EPG 751. to EPG 751.50 A5.1 and EPG 751.50 H1.23.

EPG 127.29.8 MCM 6: Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

4/7/20: The guidance for the Facility Runoff Control Plan form has been expanded.