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EPG 147.3.11 Request to Subcontract Work (Form C-220)

9/2/20: This new guidance provides clarification for the process.

EPG 109.12 Change Orders, Non-major change orders (Change Order level 2)

8/20/20: Guidance has been updated to current Environmental Change Orders instructions.

Bolt Specs and Welding Inspection

8/18/20: Bolt specs have been corrected to the latest ASTM and welding inspection procedures have been clarified in numerous articles including EPG 712.1.5 High Strength Bolts, EPG 751.14 Steel Superstructure and EPG 751.50, H3f. Pot Bearing Pad Assembly and new guidance in EPG 1080.2 Fabrication Inspection Shipment Releases (FISRs).

EPG 153.5 Bridge

8/13/20: The list of agreements were revised to include a column with applicable MHTC policies. Archaic contracts were deleted.

EPG Completing a Floodplain Development Permit Application and “No-Rise” Certification

8/13/20: Brief, new guidance has been added to make CFR requirements more apparent.

EPG 153.7 Customer Relations and EPG 153.22 Utility

8/12/20: The signature requirements for contracts have been updated.

EPG 236.16.12 Digital Sign Upgrade Process

8/12/20: Guidance for the request process was clarified. Owners were informed that the request may be denied if they do not provide the necessary documentation.

EPG 503.2 New and Replacement Bridges on Minor Roads

8/7/20: Guidance was updated to reflect current practice concerning asphalt type. Asphalt designation for minor roads is now shown on roadway plans.

EPG 236.14.8 Change in Route Marking

8/3/20: Guidance was updated to include the Change in Route Marking Report shall be submitted to Central Office Highway Safety and Traffic for processing.

EPG 153.18 Multimodal

8/3/20: The signature requirements for contracts have been updated.

EPG 153.16 Medical Board Employee Benefits

7/31/20: The signature requirements for 3 contracts have been updated.

EPG, Duration of Approval of Fee Appraisers on the Roster of Approved Appraisers/Reviewers

7/30/20: Guidance about the renewal application process has been clarified.

EPG 903.5.21 WRONG WAY Sign (R5-1a)

7/30/20: Fig. 903.5.21.1, Example of Application of Regulatory Signing and Pavement Markings at an Exit Ramp Termination to Deter Wrong-Way Entry, was updated to reflect current practice.

EPG 237.4.8 Reference Point Sheet and EPG 237.4.9 Coordinate Point Sheet

7/29/20: It is now permissible to not show the State Plane Coordinates on the Coordinate Point Sheet and the Reference Point Sheet.

EPG 121.2 The Planning Framework for Transportation Decision-Making

7/29/20: A general re-write of this article has updated it to reflect current practice.

EPG 127.3 Community Impact Assessment

7/24/20: Guidance was revised and updated to reflect current practice and law.

EPG 616.16.3 Guidelines for the Use of Law Enforcement Services

7/17/20: New guidance is now available to clarify goals and expectations for the use of law enforcement services.

EPG Progress Schedules

7/16/20: Formerly entitled as EPG Work Schedules, this guidance has been updated to current practice.

EPG 617.1, Relocating Temporary Traffic Barrier

7/15/20: Guidance on how to properly use the Relocating Temporary Traffic Barrier pay item was added.

EPG 104.7, Maintenance of Traffic Operations During Construction

7/15/20: New guidance, including best practices, is now available.

EPG 106.20.6 Material Transfer Reports

7/14/20: Guidance was updated to reflect the change to AASHTOWare Project (AWP) from Sitemanager and further clarify the Material Transfer process.


7/10/20: The new AWP MA Sample Record Changing Material Code Source or Sample Type is now available in EPG 101 Standard Forms, AASHTOWare Project Quick Reference Guides (QRGs).

EPG 902.19 Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 902

7/10/20: New signal maintenance guidance provides more details on the intent of Sec 902.2 and helps ensure consistent administration of contract signal work.

EPG 153.15 Maintenance

7/2/20: The signature requirements for 7 contracts were updated. Several archaic contracts were deleted.

Electronically Signed and Sealed Plan Sheets for Consultant Designed Projects

7/2/20: Guidance in EPG 237.9.6 Consultant Designed Projects was updated to show the new security requirements associated with the upgrade of ProjectWise to Version 10.