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Integral End Bent Simple and Rigorous Pile Design

11/30/20: Guidance in EPG 751.1.2.22 Types of Piling , EPG 751.1.2.23 Estimating the Lengths of Piles, EPG 751. Pile Design, EPG 751.36.5.2 Structural Resistance Factor (ϕc and ϕf) for Strength Limit State and EPG 751.36.5.7 Design Values for Steel Pile was updated to implement and clarify integral end bent simple and rigorous pile design procedure.

EPG 153.18 Multimodal

11/24/20: Information is now available for the new template, MO53 Preliminary Engineering Master Agreement.

EPG 136.11.13 Documentation Requirements

11/23/20: MoDOT will no longer be approving specific software for use; the LPA must ensure the software chosen meets the outlined criteria. Guidance about what should be documented in the construction diaries was clarified in EPG Project Diaries.

EPG 751.50, I4. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Wrap - Bent Cap Shear Strengthening

11/20/20: New standard notes for Standard Drawing RHB08 to clarify note regarding design force.

EPG 147.3.6 Closing JOC Contracts

11/12/20: Clarified that a Materials Summary is not needed for Job Order Contracts.

Wing Lengths and C Bars

11/12/20: In EPG 751.1.2.2 Wing Lengths, guidance was added to consider making short turned-back wings sufficiently long so that the Type D barrier end section does not require extensive. In EPG 751. Slip Forming, replaced guidance about determining C bars lengths with actual length of C bars.

Fig. 616.8.10 - TMA Flagger - Lane Closure on Two-Lane Highways Using TMA Flaggers - DE/CM/MT

11/10/20: Interim guidance for TMA flagger operations is now available in EPG 616.8 Typical Applications.

EPG 751.5 Structural Detailing Guidelines

11/9/20: Guidance has been added (EPG 751. Reinforcing Callouts, for example) to standardize the format for reinforcing callouts.

EPG 121.3 The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

11/5/20: STIP information and the annual process to update the STIP were updated to current practice.

Updated Standard Detailing Note

11/2/20: Verbiage in A2.9 was updated to match new Standard Plan wording.

EPG 129 Public Involvement and EPG Categorical Exclusion

10/30/20: Updated Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (PCE) and “virtual” public involvement requirements to bring policy into compliance with the federal NEPA regulations. EPG 129 Public Involvement was generally re-written.

EPG 751.1.2.22 Types of Piling and EPG 751.24.2.1 Design, MSE Wall Construction: Pipe Pile Spacers Guidance

10/30/20: Guidance clarified pile spacer embedment requirements when rock is anticipated within a 5 - 10 ft. zone below the MSE wall leveling pad.

Sand Barrel Impact Attenuator Arrays

10/29/20: Guidance in EPG 612.2 Sand-Filled Impact Attenuators (Sand Barrels) and EPG 612.3 Construction Inspection Guidelines was updated to clarify how the sand barrel impact attenuator arrays are paid for and used in work zones.

EPG 134.2.4 Consultant Solicitation and Selection Process – Standard Solicitation Method for On-Call Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contracts

10/28/20: On-call consultant guidance has been updated.

EPG 237.8.2 Liquidated Damages

10/26/20: Guidance was clarified to provide justification for higher liquidated damages.

EPG 1048.2.7.3 Acceptance

10/22/20: Guidance has been updated to reflect the current process for how acrylic waterborne and high build acrylic waterborne traffic marking are accepted.

Minimum Wall Thickness for CIP Piles and Limited Nominal Axial Resistance of CIP Piles Embedded and Tipped in Cohesionless Soils

10/19/20: Guidance in EPG 751.36 Driven Piles (particularly in EPG 751. Cast-In-Place (CIP) Pile, EPG 751. Design Values for Individual HP Pile, and EPG 751.36.5.10 Pile Nominal Axial Compressive Resistance) was updated to implement maximum axial loads in sands and clarified minimum nominal wall thickness requirements for CIP pile. Numerous standard detailing notes in EPG 751.50, G. Substructure Notes for hooks of vertical bar requirements for column and CIP piles were also clarified.

EPG Agreement for Purchase of Real Estate, When Agreement for Purchase of Real Estate is Used

10/9/20: To reflect legal requirements, Tax Lien guidance was added.

EPG 108.16 Project Dates

9/30/20: EPG 108.16 has been rewritten to reflect the move to AWP.

Updated Standard Detailing Note

9/28/20: Dowel requirements for inverted U-shape precast coping for large block (panel) MSE walls in Standard Note J1.21a were clarified.

New Standard Detailing Note

9/23/20: New Note H7.8.2 is available when requiring epoxy-mastic primer coating on galvanized drain support brackets that come in contact with weathering steel beams/girders.

EPG 237.5 Special Provisions

9/22/20: Guidance has been clarified and updated to current practice.

EPG 127.27 Guidelines for Obtaining Environmental Clearance for Off-Site Activities

9/16/20: Guidance has been updated to reflect current practice.

EPG 751.36.5.8 Additional Provisions for Pile Cap Footings

9/16/20: Guidance has been updated to clarify pile uplift design requirements for pile cap footing and to implement DSB-16-02 requirements.

EPG Embankment in Place (Contractor-Furnished Borrow)

9/16/20: Contractor-furnished borrow guidance has been updated to current practice.