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EPG 751.1.3.4 Barrier or Railing Type, Height and Guidelines for Curb Blockouts

6/16/21: Guidance for barrier and railing options on existing bridges has been simplified.

EPG 109.10 Contract Assignment Process - Contract Reassignment to a New Contractor

6/15/21: Expanded guidance is now available about how to assign a contract.

EPG 616.8.1 Listing of Typical Applications

6/11/21: For greater convenience, a new "effective date" column has been added for each TA in these tables.

Prestressed Girders and Beams

6/10/21: In EPG 751.10.1.14 Girder and Beam Haunch Reinforcement, EPG 751.21.3 Details, EPG 751.22.1.2 Geometric Dimensions, EPG 751.22.2.4 Shear, EPG 751.22.3.2 MoDOT Standard Girder Strand Arrangements, EPG 751.22.3.3 NU Standard Girders, EPG 751. Shear Reinforcement, EPG 751. Anchorage Zone Reinforcement, and EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes, guidance about end section reinforcement for NU girders was revised as was guidance on specifying debonding regions. The requirement for a lifting loop detail was removed as was the reference to the 5-inch projection of WWR. Notes were also revised or removed in accordance with spec book revisions.

EPG Open Burning

6/10/21: Guidance about open burning has been expanded.

EPG 616.18, Relocation of Service Signs (Supplemental Guide Sign Program Signs) on Construction Projects

6/7/21: Guidance has been updated with current practices and terminology.

EPG 107.4 Safety and Sanitary Provisions

5/25/21: New guidance is available to clarify hard hat safety policy.

CLC Contractor pdf Files and Contract Seal Coat pdf Plan Sheets

5/25/21: The Contract Leveling Course (CLC) contractor pdf files and Contract Seal Coat pdf plan sheets, in EPG 402 Bituminous Surface Leveling and EPG 409 Seal Coat, respectively, were updated. Several revisions involved safety edge, flag assemblies and rumble strip spacing for CLC projects and flag assemblies for seal coat projects.

EPG 153.6 Chief Counsel's Office

5/18/21: Guidance is now available for two new Amended Attorney Services Agreement contracts (CC11 and CC12).

Commercially Useful Function (CUF) Determination Form

5/10/212: The CUF Determination Form, discussed in EPG 146.3 Commercially Useful Function Verifications, has been revised with more open ended questions that assist in determining whether a DBE is performing a Commercially Useful Function. The form now includes a field observation section for inspectors to note what they saw in the field.

EPG 237.2 Title Sheet

4/30/21: Guidance about multiple title pages has been provided.

EPG 606. Crashworthy End Terminals with Curb

4/29/21: New guidance is available for crashworthy end terminals that are being installed in the vicinity of curb. Curb has not been tested with a CET and this guidance will help address questions and concerns about this.

AWP CO Commercially Useful Function (CUF) Review Date Entry

4/29/21: For the convenience of readers, AWP QRG CUF Review Date Entry information has been added to EPG 101, AASHTOWare Project Quick Reference Guides (QRGs).

Right of Way Timeline

4/26/21: Presented in EPG 236 Right of Way, this timeline provides the sequence of activities required to acquire property rights needed for projects.

EPG 102.2.8 Performance Rating Privacy, EPG 102.2.9 Contractor Referrals and EPG 102.2.10 Contractor Endorsements

4/23/21: New clarification about when contractor ratings can be shared and when references can be made is now available.

EPG Workforce Diversity Verification

4/8/21: Guidance for Fig., Blank Consultant Invoice has been updated from the life of the contract to life of the invoicing period.

EPG 751.1.3.4 Barrier or Railing Type, Height and Guidelines for Curb Blockouts

4/6/21: In the Thrie Beam notes of the Common Bridge Barrier and Railing (for Rehabilitations) table, guidance has been updated to restrict the use of MGS approach rail with non-blocked thrie beam bridge rail.

Fig., Consultant Selection Approval Letter

4/2/21: The latest version of the Consultant Selection Approval Letter is available. Guidance for this letter has also been clarified in EPG Solicitation and Selection Step 5 – Selection of Consultant.

Prestressed Beams

4/2/21: New EPG 751.21 Prestressed Concrete Slab and Box Beams is available to provide guidance for designing beams. EPG 751.1.2.4 Skew Angle, EPG 751.1.2.7 Structure Type Selection, EPG 751.10.1.14 Girder and Beam Haunch Reinforcement, 751.22.1.2 Geometric Dimensions, EPG 751. Girder Length and Geometric Layout, EPG 751.22.2.4 Shear , EPG 751.22.3.8 Camber, Haunching, and Stepping and Sloping of Top Flange Camber and several notes in EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes were updated to correspond to the new guidance in EPG 751.21 Prestressed Concrete Slab and Box Beams. Also, retitled/re-numbered EPG 751.20 Continuous Concrete Slab Bridges as EPG 751.17 Concrete Slab Bridges, EPG 751.21 Concrete Box Girders as EPG 751.18 Concrete Multicell Box Girder Bridges, EPG 751.22 P/S Concrete I Girders as EPG 751.22 Prestressed Concrete I Girders, EPG 751.23 P/S Concrete Double Tee as EPG 751.23 Prestressed Concrete Double Tee Girders and EPG 751.40 Widening and Repair (LFD and Not Updated) as EPG 751.40 LFD Widening and Repair.

EPG 501.1.3.5 Compressive Strength

3/26/21: Guidance about curing and testing procedures for cores and cylinders in projects with paving and structures has been clarified.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes

3/25/21: This note was updated to clarify the procedure for making holes for a finger plate connection.

EPG 129.3 “Virtual” Public Involvement (VPI)

3/24/21: Guidance has been placed in a box here and in EPG 129.6 Public Hearing stating that the FHWA will temporarily allow all public involvement activities previously conducted in person to exclusively use virtual techniques.

EPG 236.16.15 Vegetation Removal

3/24/21: Guidance has been updated to current practice.

EPG 108.1.1 Review and Approval of a Subcontract Request

3/23/21: New guidance is available about when subletting requirements can be adjusted.

EPG Description, Reason and Supporting Documentation

3/19/21: This new guidance is available for addressing time adjustment change orders as well as the supporting documentation.