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Subcontractor Insurance

1/14/22: Guidance has been updated in EPG 102 Bidding Requirements and Conditions and EPG 108.1.1 Review and Approval of a Subcontract Request to reflect that, as of Jan 3, 2022, MoDOT no longer monitors subcontractor insurance.

EPG 1036.2.1.1 Reinforcing Steel, Dowel Bars, Mechanical Bar Splices and Cold Drawn Wire

1/13/22: To decrease the risk of fracture in the jaws, a 30” minimum length for the #14 and #18 reinforcing steel tension test bars is now required.

EPG 173.1.6 Regulatory Conditions for Working in Streams/Wetlands: NWP, Section 401 Water Quality Certification General Conditions

1/10/22: Guidance has been expanded to align with the updated MoDOT/MDNR Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

EPG 903.9.9 City/County Limit Signs (I4, I5, I6 Series) and EPG 903.9.11 Custom City Limit and Custom County Line Signs (I4-1a, I4-2b, I6-1a)

12/30/21: Populations will no longer be included on city limit signs. City limit and county line sign designs will be modified to match the MUTCD standard layout of jurisdictional boundary signs.

EPG 127.1 Request for Environmental Services

12/28/21: Guidance for the process of Request for Environmental Services (RES) submittals, especially that of the electronic process, has been clarified. Associated guidance in EPG 147.3 Job Order Contracting (JOC) was also clarified.

Price Adjustment for Fuel

12/22/21: In EPG 109.14 Price Adjustment for Fuel, guidance was clarified to explicitly exclude fixed-cost pay items in Job Order Contracts from qualifying for the Fuel Adjustment, per Sec. 109.14.

MSE Wall Construction: Pipe Pile Spacers Guidance

12/17/21: In EPG 751.24.2.1 Design, guidance was revised so that, in lieu of using pipe pile spacers, the contractor will have the option to use pile jackets for bridges up to 200 feet long. Numerous revisions in EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes reflect this pile jacket revision.

EPG 909.2 Nonrecurring Congestion

12/14/21: "Work Zone Management Guidebook" and associated information has been added.

New Statewide Operating Permit Authorization

12/13/21: Guidance throughout much of EPG 127.29 Stormwater and in EPG 173.2.1 Governing Regulations, CWA Section 402 (Land Disturbance) has been updated and expanded to reflect the new permit cycle, particularly the obligations of the new comprehensive permit obligations of the TS4. Generally, the changes to the permit do not alter MoDOT's overall stormwater or land disturbance program. EPG 806.8.4 Site Inspections and Reports was revised so that a routine inspection may be delayed until the next business day if it falls on a holiday.

EPG Required Information for Submittal

12/7/21: Guidance has been revised for which documents need to be submitted and how they are to be submitted when turning in PS&E to CO Design.

EPG Waiver Valuation

12/6/21: The maximum threshold for waiver valuation reports was increased to $25,000 from $10,000.

EPG 153.21 Traffic

12/6/21: Guidance is now available for contract TR62, Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas City Scout Bi-State Agreement.

EPG 153.21 Traffic

11/23/21: Guidance is now available for two contracts (TR58, Transportation Data License Agreement and TR61, Motor Vehicle Crash Data License Agreement).

EPG 206.4 Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 206

11/22/21: New guidance has been added to clarify culvert cleanout expectations.

EPG 606.2 Guard Cable

11/18/21: Revisions provide a distinction between the roles for contractors and maintenance when replacing and/or repairing guard cable. A new Tension Log Form is to be used when repairing guard cable. Warrants for guard cable implementation have also been updated. Guidance for maintenance of crashworthy end terminals, guardrail, guard cable and fixed impact attenuators has been removed from EPG 171.11 Roadside Appurtenances.

Work Zone Crash Cushion

11/17/21: EPG 612 Impact Attenuators was revised to provide guidance on when WZ crash cushions are to be used and clarifies when sand barrels are to be used.

EPG 905.3 Transportation Impact Analysis

11/15/21: This new article is largely expected to be utilized by contractors. It is a compilation of best practices for Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA), a study that evaluates the potential adverse effects of proposed projects on surrounding and supporting transportation infrastructure and services. Revisions in EPG 905.1 Traffic Data Collection support the new TIA guidance.

EPG RWPA System Requirements for Condemnations

11/15/21: Information required to enter into RWPA for condemnation cases has been updated.

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

11/15/21: The new EPG 909 Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) presents strategies to cost-effectively optimize the safety, reliability and capacity of the transportation system and are generally categorized to address either recurring or non-recurring congestion. Guidance related to (TSMO) that has been added or updated include EPG 235.6 Approval of Preliminary Plan and EPG 948 Incident Response Plan and Emergency Response Management. EPG 616.13.6.3 Smart Work Zone (SWZ) Strategy Selection has been revised to provide tools to access the traffic impact of the proposed project design(s).

Bond Breaker for Prestressed Members, Vent Locations for Box Beams

11/12/21: In EPG 751.22.2.4, Girder-Slab Interface, reverted the field-applied two-layer roofing felt bond breaker to the previous fabricator applied bond breaker. In EPG 1029.2.15 Bond Breaker, new guidance is available for inspecting bond breakers. In EPG 751. Arrangements and EPG 751.21.3.8 Vent Pipes for Stream Crossings, added guidance that some strand locations are not available when a vent pipe is required and revised locations of vent pipes.

EPG 712. Shear Connector Welding

11/12/21: Field weld testing requirements have been clarified.

Prestressed Beams and Girders

11/10/21: In EPG 751.21.1.2 Material Properties and especially in EPG 751.22 Prestressed Concrete I Girders, limited f’c to 10 ksi and f’ci to 7.0 ksi. Guidance was added for the maximum number of bonded strands to be used with the standard bursting and spalling reinforcement for I girders. Strands in excess of the maximum allowed shall be debonded at girder ends.

EPG Solicitation and Selection Step 3 – Central Office Review of Solicitation Request

11/4/21: Guidance for RFQ solicitation dates and calendar has been added.

EPG 751.13.1 Expansion Joint Systems

11/3/21: Guidance was clarified to restrict the use of bridge longitudinal expansion joints by requiring the Assistant State Bridge Engineer's prior approval.

Structural Steel Details

10/20/21: Guidance for stiffener attachments to steel superstructures has been clarified in EPG 751.14.5.1 Bearing Stiffeners, EPG 751.14.5.2 Int. Diaphragms and Cross Frames and EPG 751.14.5.5 Transverse Stiffeners. An associated standard detailing note was updated in EPG 751.50.