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  1. TM-46, Analysis of Cement, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash
  2. TM-47
  3. TM-49, Pull-Out Tests on Chemical Bonding Agents
  4. TM-4
  5. TM-50, Mechanical Analysis of Extracted Aggregate (Rapid Method)
  6. TM-51, Determination of Bitumen in Bituminous Paving Mixtures
  7. TM-52, Determination of Magnesium Chloride in Magnesium Chloride Brine
  8. TM-53, Determination of Moisture Content of Bituminous Mixtures
  9. TM-54, Asphalt Cement Content of Bituminous Mixtures by the Nuclear Method
  10. TM-55, Determination of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium in Soils
  11. TM-56, Determination of Sodium Metasilicate (Na2SiO3)
  12. TM-57, Determination of Manganese and/or Copper in Steel
  13. TM-58, Determination of Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) in Commercial Fertilizers
  14. TM-59, Determination of the International Roughness Index
  15. TM-5
  16. TM-60, Test of Cellulose and Mineral Fibers for SMA Mixtures
  17. TM-61, Asphalt Draindown Test Procedure for Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixtures
  18. TM-62, Prequalification of Dust Suppressants
  19. TM-63, Determination of Compatibility of Asphalt Release Agents with Hot Asphaltic Concrete
  20. TM-64, Void Detection and Undersealing Verification Testing of Concrete Pavement with a Falling Weight Deflectometer
  21. TM-66, Aggregate Sample Reduction
  22. TM-67, Preparation of Concrete for Use in AASHTO T161 Freeze and Thaw
  23. TM-68
  24. TM-6
  25. TM-70, Glass Bead Tests
  26. TM-71, Deleterious Content of Aggregate
  27. TM-72, Sweep Test of Bituminous Surface Treatment Samples
  28. TM-73, Volume of Voids in Compacted Filler or Fines
  29. TM-74, Pullout Tests on Epoxy Bonding Agents for Resin Anchor Systems
  30. TM-75, Determining Segregation Using the Nuclear Density Gauge
  31. TM-76, Acid Insoluble Residue
  32. TM-77, Determining the Binder Ignition Aggregate Correction Factor for Mixtures Containing Rap
  33. TM-78, Los Angeles Abrasion for Lightweight Aggregate
  34. TM-79, Procedure to Prepare Aggregate to Determine the Plasticity Index
  35. TM-7, Rebound Hammer for Opening Strength of Full Depth Concrete Pavement Repairs
  36. TM-80, Measurement of Retroreflectivity by Handheld Retroreflectometers
  37. TM-81, Specific Gravity and Absorption of Aggregate Using Automatic Vacuum Sealing Method
  38. TM-82, Concrete Uniformity
  39. TM-83, Field Estimation of Water Permeability of Compacted Asphalt Paving Mixtures
  40. TM-84, Pipe Laser Profile Calibration
  41. TM-85 Determination of Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) in Performance Graded (PG) Asphalt Binders
  42. TM-86 Preparation of Samples for Surface Sealer Wet Track Abrasion
  43. TM-87 No-Pick-Up Time for Tack Coats
  44. TM-88 Bond Strength Test for Tack Coat
  45. TM-89 Determination of Aluminum Oxide in High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST)
  46. TM-8, Photometric Test for Measuring the Brightness of Reflective Sheeting
  47., Determination of Chemical Components in Asphalt and Non-Asphalt Rejuvenators
  48. TM-9, Resilience of Hot-Poured Elastic Type Joint Sealer
  49. 106.5 Storage of Materials
  50. 106.6 Handling Material

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