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Could you explain the meaning of the second to last sentence in 127.9.2? Should the first reference to "regulatory floodway" be changed to "100-year floodplain"?

If there is to be an encroachment into the regulatory floodway, MoDOT must issue a "No-Rise" Certification as required by SEMA to obtain a floodplain development permit that is needed for any encroachment into the 100-year floodplain, regardless of whether it also takes place within the regulatory floodway.

Sam Masters: The short answer to your question is "No, they are not the same". However, your question does illustrate the need to "clarify" the information in this article. I have created a link to another article entitled "748.9 National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)". This article contains a map which describes the relationship between the "regulatory floodway" and the "100-year floodplain". Further "clarifications" to the 127.9 article are possible in the very near future.