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Ok. I do have a suggestion. It is something that I always thought should've been worded differently in the Construction Manual to clarify the change order approval rules in Section 137.2. Here is the excerpt from the EPG Section 137.2 for a Major Change Order: "5. Any change in a major item greater than 25%. 6. Any change of a contract amount greater than 25%."

It would be clearer if it said percentage of what number. For example, is #5 saying "any change in a major item greater than 25% of the line item or is it 25% of the original contract's Total Dollar Amount for the entire project. Can both #5 and #6 be clarified in the EPG? It would be helpful to add terminology that can clarify what number on the change order report (line item or total change for the report) is being compared to what number in the contract (line item, current contract amount, or original contract amount). It would be helpful to many, I think. Many experienced people have this "understood", but for less experienced people, this reads as being a little vague in my view.

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