103.2 Contract Bond for Sec 103.4

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EPG 152 Contactor Bonding Responsibilities and Sec. 103.4 provide information regarding the contract bond.

For contracts that include a pay item for mobilization, the contractor may submit a request for an upfront reimbursement payment for the cost of the contract bond, as well as the cost of any railroad liability insurance (see Sec 618). The contractor will need to submit this request to the Resident Engineer along with invoices that verify the cost of the bond and/or railroad liability insurance. The RE will then issue a no-cost change order to add a pay item for these costs and to reduce the cost of mobilization by an equal amount. See the QRG AWP CO6 Change Orders, Mobilization and Contract Bond for instructions on how to process this change order in AASHTOWARE Project (AWP). If the change order is exclusively issued to pay bond/insurance, then the contractor’s signature on the change order is not required and no higher level approval is required, including federal oversight projects. Contracts that do not include a pay item for mobilization, such as Job Order Contracts and Contract Level Course projects, are not eligible for this reimbursement since they do not include a pay item for mobilization.