237.6 Project Estimates

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Costs for Non-Contractual Items

237.6.1 Estimates

The district is responsible for creating, maintaining and finalizing project estimates through all stages up to and including Plans, Specs and Estimates (PS&E). The estimate should be revised and refined as project details are established through the design process. As the design elements are finalized the final quantities and included pay items are solidified and the project estimate can be completed.

237.6.2 Unit Cost Estimates Bid History

BidTabs.Net provides detailed historical data on awarded project bid. Queries for project condition should be as focused as the bid history allows. A broader approach to an item may be necessary due to limited history. Similarity to specific projects for such elements as terrain, scope of work, quantities, regional proximity, market condition and other potential cost drivers should be considered. Unit Cost

The district must provide a unit cost for all pay items including both alternates when alternates are provided. Project estimates should use the best information available. Use specific and accurate information for items when such information exists. When limited history is available, additional resources should be investigated. Additional resources may include internet searches, contacting suppliers/manufactures, other DOTs, and other division resources. The expectation is that a reasonable approximation of the cost of the item will be provided. Mobilization

Mobilization is determined last. A recently awarded project of similar scope, size, and location can be used to provide insight, by comparing the percentage of mobilization bid items to the total project bid of the comparison project, The rule of thumb is 5% for resurfacing, 8% for bridges and 10% for maintenance, although these can vary significantly. Special restrictions, conditions or limitations should be considered, as they likely will impact cost.

237.6.3 PS&E

At the time of PS&E submittal (a calendar is also available), 100% of the project is finalized. The district checks the accuracy of the estimate and should validate that the estimate pay item, unit of measurement and quantities match the quantity sheets. Unit prices should be adjusted to reflect recent trends in bidding practices or adjustments in material costs.

237.6.4 Non-Contractual Costs

Non-contractual costs are those costs incurred on a construction project utilizing MoDOT’s own labor, equipment or materials. Non-contractual costs are part of the estimated project cost as shown in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and are approved by the Commission at the time of the STIP approval.

All non-contractual items will be charged to the district’s operating budget and coded to the appropriate project number to ensure the total expenses for the project are accurately tracked. Exceptions to this policy include right of way monumentation, specially fabricated steel, signal equipment, lighting equipment and intelligent transportation system equipment. The district is authorized to charge the exception items, including utility relocations, directly to the right of way and construction program and appropriate project number.

All MoDOT labor incurred on non-contractual items shall be charged to the district’s operating budget and coded to the appropriate project number. If the district encounters a non-contractual item not listed as an exception totaling more than $3,000, the district may request approval from Transportation Planning to charge the cost of the item directly to the right of way and construction program. In order to receive approval, the district must ensure the item was included in the final program estimate of the project.

Non-contractual costs are included in the district’s program estimate. Non-contractual costs are also included in the tabulation of final project costs for completed projects, regardless of whether the costs were paid for with right of way and construction funds or district operating funds.