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Electronic Plans Room

The electronic plans room allows anyone to view, print or download highway plans for free. Even the general public has access to project plans by visiting MoDOT's Online Plans Room.

Electronic plans, proposals and addendums for all jobs let in the monthly Bid Opening
Merged pdf files of the electronic plans, proposals and addendums for all jobs let in the monthly Bid Opening are available on MoDOT's Design SharePoint site under Public Letting Information.
Only MoDOT employees may refer to these documents.
Where to Find Project Development Manual (PDM) Information in the EPG
Because of the historical document's wide application, the PDM’s contents have been applied throughout the EPG. Thus, unlike some divisions’ manuals, there are few places in the EPG where large portions of the PDM’s contents remained contiguous. This table will help the reader locate the main portions of the former PDM. The EPG material may not be as extensive as the PDM information was (perhaps because the PDM information was deemed to be primarily in the domain of another division and that division chose not to provide such extensive text on the topic), but may also be expanded and in more than one EPG article. In some cases, MoDOT has revised its Design philosophy so that the previous PDM information no longer applies.
Chapter I, General Information
Chapter II, Preliminary Design
Chapter III, Surveys
Chapter IV, Detail Design
Chapter V, Bridge Report and Layout
Chapter VI, Pavement Structure Design
Chapter VII, Utilities
Chapter VIII, Traffic Control Devices
Chapter IX, Hydraulics and Drainage

The contract plans include a title sheet, a summary and tabulation of quantities, plan-profile sheets, special provisions, estimates and other specialized information. An equipment and materials list may also be necessary. Contract time is set to encourage contractors to diligently prosecute the work in a reasonable fashion while causing the least disruption to traffic.

Guidance for the submission of plans and supporting documents, the distribution and signing and sealing of the plans is also provided in this article. The design electronic data used in the development of the contract plans must be submitted along with all other project documents to Design via the ProjectWise document management system.

Plans, circa late 1990s

In order to preserve the integrity of the bidding process, it is imperative to strictly limit project information communicated to the public. MoDOT requires all bidders have the same information from which to prepare a bid.

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