821.19 Problem Weeds

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Definition: Problem weeds are undesirable and often very aggressive

Why: If weeds are not controlled they can cause sight distance problems. Weeds are competitive with desirable vegetation and may spread to adjacent land.

Primary Targets:

1. Hemlock - A tall-growing, white-flowering succulent plant with fernlike foliage near the base of the plant

2. Chicory - A plant that typically grows along the edge of pavements with a blue flower that opens and closes daily

3. Phragmites - Extremely tall, reed looking plant that grows in wet areas

4. Sericea Lespedeza - An erect, shrub-like woody stemmed plant that grows three to six ft. tall


A. Calibration

B. Use recommended products and rates

Table 821.19 Recommended Products and Rates

Weed Herbicide Broadcast Rate Handgun Rate Surfactant
Hemlock Escort 0.5 oz. per acre 1/2 oz. Label
Milestone VM 5 - 7 oz. per acre 5 - 7 oz. Label
Chicory Escort 1/3 oz. per acre - Label
Perspective 3 oz. / acre 3 oz. per 100 Label
Phragmites Aquatic glyphosate 2 qt. per acre 2% solution Label
Sericea Lespedeza Escort 1/2 oz. per acre 1/2 oz. Label
Method 8 oz. per acre 8 oz. Label


Follow label recommendations for each product

D. When to apply

Apply when actively growing. The earlier in the growth stage the better, i.e. rosette stage on most plants. Sericea applications appear to provide better control in a late fall (Sept.) application when plant is blooming.

How to Apply:

1. Handgun

2. Boom Sprayer

3. Hand sprayer / Backpack

4. Injection sprayer

Special Recommendations:

A. Read the label

B. Chicory - Broadcast spray along shoulders in early May with Escort or Perspective for season-long control.